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The Mindset Specialist: Unleashing Your Potential

with David Nurse



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have David Nurse who is the NBA mindset coach, Wall Street Journal, Bestselling author and top 50 worldwide motivational speaker.

David Nurse has been transforming the way hundreds of NBA stars play on the court, and hundreds of corporate executives dominate in the boardroom for the past 15 years. David is widely renowned as one of the top mindset specialists in the entire world. He has written two bestselling mindset books. Runs a transformational coaching business and is a highly sought after speaker, hired by top Fortune 100 companies and professional sports teams helping thousands of employees and athletes develop unshakable mindsets.

So don’t miss this episode of Making Bank with David Nurse.

(5:16) Background
David started off his career as a basketball player. He played overseas however it was never that serious. When he got cut from the team he thought his career was over. But with the help of his mom’s support he took more opportunities and did not cry over the lost one. He went on to become a renowned mindset specialist in the entire world.

(11:46) Mindset & Technique
The winning rate of a game is dependent on the athlete’s technique to some extent but not all can be achieved on techniques alone. A lot of it is self-belief. The players have belief in themself, a lot of it is eliminating their hesitation. That’s a huge part for athletes or any individuals in all areas. We hesitate, we doubt ourselves because we haven’t hit everything 100% every single time. Doubt creeps in. So eliminating the hesitation, also empowering yourself in their role will help you win.

(14:26) Eliminating Hesitation
To eliminate hesitation, first you have to be incredibly confident in your skills. You have to know your elite skills. So if you don’t know what you are on the court for, or what you are bringing to the corporation, what your power is, what your God given ability is, you’re gonna be searching, you’re gonna be doubting.So you first have to know what it is.
(19:04) Killer Mindset
In order to develop a killer mindset you need to remove all kinds of negative words and thoughts from your head. Start speaking differently to yourself because it’s not always the thoughts. The thoughts that you think are important, but it’s how you speak to yourself. It’s how you convince yourself to be this. And you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

(24:51) Self Confidence
Before you can do anything as a team, you have to know yourself. There’s three levels to this. The self-esteem, the self-love, the acceptance of you. Self-confidence is your belief in your abilities. But the most important one is self-efficacy, not just for themselves, but also for the team of the company.
It is acting as the person you want to be in the future. So your actions, they mirror what your vision is, and without an actual vision you won’t succeed.

(30:02) Morning Routine
If your morning routine becomes something that you have to do and the rest of your day is ruined if you don’t, then you’re losing the battle to that morning routine. It should just be like a supplement. It should be like a boost. That morning routine can help you, but you should not be dependent upon it.

(32:58) Taking Action
Many people do not achieve their goals because of fear. Fear is what causes us to have inaction. We are our biggest offenders and it’s the reason we don’t achieve what we want. Not because we don’t have the skills but it’s mainly because we don’t take action. Strategic radical action.

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