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Leadership Insight: Transforming Leaders Into World-Class Performers

with Antonio Garrido



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Antonio Garrido who is the author of My Daily Leadership, a powerful Roadmap for Leadership Success, and founder and president of My Daily Leadership. He has over 25 years in senior leadership positions with world-class businesses and is an expert in leadership transformation, shaping high performance leaders out of highly stressed and overworked leaders.
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(4:22) Background
Antonio didn’t come from a business background. In fact, his own father never had an education. However, his father would advise him to start his own company because it is better to be the owner of something small than just a random somebody of something big and this kick started his career. He started, sold and retained about six or seven businesses.

(7:54) Biggest Lessons
Allow room for failure and learning. You will not succeed or learn much if you do not allow yourself to fail. However, you must learn from the failures and try harder and smarter the next time. Wisdom comes from evaluated experience and not just time served. So, if you don’t evaluate the experience, you lose a valuable lesson.

(15:07) Emotional Intelligence
A lot of leaders rely on MBAs, CV, resume and experience as the barometer for success when somebody’s recruiting or hiring. But emotional intelligence is also very important and some say it is even more significant than your IQ. Because it also includes social skills and impulse control which are very important in business.

(19:36) Evaluated Experience
Take time every day and if you don’t journal, start doing it. Because unless you actively take time every day to try and improve and record these things in your journal to build self-awareness, to figure out how you could have responded better in the moment then you won’t eliminate your blind spots.

(23:03) Leadership Insight
Start having two affirmations, two really solid beliefs, two commitments for the day which you won’t compromise. three things that you are going to develop, one thing you’re going to explore and one thing that you’re going to fix for the day. So, you’ve got affirmations, beliefs, commitments, things you’re gonna develop, explore and one thing that you’re going to fix.

(27:24) Mindset
Have a mindset of abundance versus scarcity and always remember to be grateful. You’re in a tremendously fortunate position, so try and build your gratitude bank because you can’t have a positive life if it’s filled with negative thoughts.

(29:36) My Daily Leadership
If you want to take a leadership health check or take a business health check, and if you are sufficiently concerned with what you read then take a leadership assessment and then fix what needs to be fixed. Head over to for more information.