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Riding the Rocketship: Engineering Billion-Dollar Business Growth

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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of our best parts from our previous episodes of Making Bank where we talk about riding the Rocketship: Engineering Billion-Dollar Business Growth.
In case you missed any of the previous episodes, this episode is for you!

(1:52) Brandon Dawson
Most people confuse innovation with something like what Elon Musk is doing. Doing something no one has ever done before which is called radical innovation. It’s a pure form of innovation. The innovation people in business should ascribe to is Jim Collins’s innovation, which is granular, incremental improvement on the things that you can prove works. In business, this is a safer form of innovation.

(13:10) Cameron Herold
At every stage of the company, you need to invest in your people. The more you grow their skills, the more you grow their confidence, the more they’ll grow the company for you. So invest in the right people because they will help you bring your business to fruition.

(16:27) Dan Martell
Adding another person to your team won’t solve your problems. That one person adds a lot of complexity. Instead of having two people on your team, have only one because now you have a person that’s more streamlined and work is being done better. So if you want a full-time person, give them a few other things to do.

(22:36) John Livesay
You have to be your own lifeguard. When disaster happens you cannot expect someone to come help you. You have to pick yourself up. You have to know what to do and where to go and what the next step should be. Because if you wait for someone to come rescue you, you will definitely fail.

(25:01) Kyle McDowell
A boss is someone that checks boxes, they are always ready to call you out or point out your errors. Whereas a leader may have the same obligations as a boss but the major difference is the leader actually cares. A leader cares enough to empower, inspire, and to provide a purpose or reignite passion.

(28:18) Ryan Blair
Having a mindset that was built on strength as opposed to one built on weakness, which a lot of people have, when they grew up really comfortable. As a result it’s very easy to cultivate a mindset and cultivate a character base that isn’t very strong.

(32:04) Larry Brinker Jr
It is super important for entrepreneurs to not only build your team the right way, but to also trust your team. Give your team accountability. Give them the autonomy to feel invested in what they’re doing. This way the team feels connected to the business and they too will do anything in their power to bring the business up.

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