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Billion-Dollar Strategies : Tax Planning of the Ultra-Rich

with KC Chohan



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have KC Chohan, who is the founder of Together CFO, a tax advisory accounting and tax preparation firm based in Los Angeles, California.His financial strategies have been the best kept secrets of the elite. He’s an expert on tax strategy and helps with high net worth families, protect their wealth and reduce taxes. He builds out the same structures as the elite billionaires to be able to legally do things that the average certified public accountant can’t do.He has a deep passion for serving others and educating those who are overpaying taxes, and this is what drives his customer loyalty.

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(4:18) Together CFO
Together CFO is a subset of a huge pie. If you think of a family office, it’s all about encompassing everything from tax, to insurance, to wealth management and everything in between. Together CFO is one slice of that pie, which is the tax slice plus estate planning slice.

(5:44) Tax Strategies
The one common thing that all billionaires have is the thing that goes before the private foundation. That’s the part they don’t tell anyone. They get all of the tax deductions for charitable giving and then it’s into a private foundation where they are the trustees. The key element of it all is something called a complex trust. That’s the structure of choice for billionaires.

(9:40) Background
“More people want tax savings than they do CFO services. And it’s so much easier to explain tax savings than it is CFO services.”, KC Chohan explained how it all started when they pivoted the company to help higher net worth business owners, usually first generation.

(15:43) Billionaire Taxes
Most of the elites don’t own the assets in their own name. It’s the trust that owns the jets, the yachts and everything else. And changing trustees is not a taxable event. You can graduate your kids from being beneficiaries into being trustees and now they control all those assets and there’s no taxable event.
(17:48) Tax Loopholes
Go to and you can get the top 50 tax loopholes that you should be using. If you are paying over $200,000 in taxes, then check out the website. There’s a free tax savings calculator. It is It’s free to use. Go check out how much you’re overpaying and then feel free to set up a call with the team and you’ll be shown how to stop overpaying.

(19:25) Selling A Business
You can save a lot of money in taxes by just changing the ownership structure of everything. The company isn’t owned by you. It would be owned by the trust ahead of the sale. So when the sale happens, the trust will receive those funds. So all of those restrictions go away with the trust and you can reinvest that money however you wish, in whatever asset type in whatever time frame you like.

(25:43) Asset Protection
It’s important as you grow and scale to protect your assets and using a complex trust is arguably the best way to do that because it’s a bifurcated ownership. That means the trustee is the fiduciary, but if someone tries to sue the trustee, they can’t come after the trust. If someone tries to sue the beneficiary, they can’t get the trust assets either. So it ultra protects the assets that are owned by the trust because of this bifurcation.

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