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The Success Code to Achieving Work-Life Balance & Boosting Your Marketing Prowess

with Matt Smith



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Matt Smith. He’s a man who lives for his family.

He’s an entrepreneur and a business owner. He’s also a serial entrepreneur with a C, not an S, a guy who enjoys the thrill of entrepreneurship. He’s opened 11 businesses in Pueblo, Colorado. He’s the owner of the biggest Snap Fitness in the world in Pueblo, Colorado.

Founder of Snooze Mattress Company, the first national franchise started in Pueblo with locations across Colorado and the rest of the nation, and he’s the author of Serial Dad Preneur and his children’s book.

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(5:28) Background
Matt Smith was raised by a single mother of two little boys. Grew up with electricity getting shut off and never really understanding money. Then later he went into telemarketing and then proceeded to Real Estate. That is when he started making a decent amount of money. He went on to owning lots of businesses and even owning a national franchise which is Snooze Mattress.

(10:42) Mentorship
Mentorship is absolutely a cheat code and anybody that’s too stubborn to think that they can’t learn from somebody else doesn’t deserve to be an entrepreneur. Matt Smith talks about how he too has had coaches that he meets weekly from franchising, to his health and even to his own personal life.

(12:47) Health And Routines
The most important thing you can do is have a healthy sleeping routine.
Sleep is so underrated and many people don’t realize it. You could work out all you want and you could train to be the Olympic athlete all you want, but if you’re not getting the right sleep to retain that, it’s not going to work.

(15:41) Overcoming Challenges
Positivity is definitely like it’s a muscle that we talk about all the time. In business you have to be able to get the positive aspect, but you have to be realistic too.

Data’s a big part of growth and many don’t realize until recently how important that is.

(17:29) Culture And Teams
People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. If your employees don’t love what they do, especially in this day and age, there’s a million more jobs where that came from, where they can work from home on the internet or something else like that. So creating a positive culture in your team is very important.

(21:41) Undercover Billionaire
The biggest takeaway is that the sky’s the limit and we tend to think too small when we’re in that crowd, that’s too small. That is why we need to get a bigger crowd. If anybody ever says that your idea is dumb, you need to get out of that crowd.

(27:33) Cereal Entrepreneur
If you want to be a cereal entrepreneur you need to know what is important in life. You cannot neglect your family. If you ever have to choose between your family and your business, always choose your family.

(32:35) Marketing
Marketing is changing dramatically every year. You need to change or you will be left behind. The market will always evolve. People’s jobs are being replaced every year with AI and many other technologies. That is why in order to be successful you need to always stay updated and know what is happening in today’s world.