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Business Alchemy: Crafting Success As An Entrepreneur

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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Michael Gerber, Dan Martell, Rashawn Copeland, John Assaraf, Ian Stanley, Robert Kiyosaki and Joel Marian and in this episode, you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(2:33) Michael Berber
Most small businesses have no compelling story. They usually only advertise what they’re doing. This is irrelevant because what they intended to do should be more important. This should be the foundation of any great growing enterprise. When you start a business always have a clear goal on what you intend to do.

(10:24) Dan Martell
Companies that can grow their leaders the fastest, grow the fastest. You need to hire intelligent and motivated people and then you grow them. Train them, teach them all the things they need to learn to grow and then you will see your company grow very fast.

(17:50) Rashawn Copeland
Commit to your principles and values. Make promises to yourselves. Have Dos and Donts. Stay true to yourself. Most people want to do what’s right before doing what’s real. Stick to your vision. Coordinate your resources and don’t ever waste time. It is your greatest asset. Don’t waste it.

(22:30) John Assaraf
Retrain your brain. Start to teach your people to have an earning mindset. In addition to learning new strategies, new methods you also need to have a strong mindset. If you don’t have the beliefs you will sabotage your work. So before you do anything else, work on your mindset and train your brain to have a winning mindset.

(26:30) Ian Stanley
The more people know about you, the more people will buy from you. Tell stories. Don’t ever be ashamed when you talk about yourself. You need to get past that. When you tell a story, they are listening to your story and they are reflecting back on their own life. You want people to relate to you so they can understand you more. This is also relevant in being an entrepreneur.
(35:02) Robert Kiyosaki
Go to seminars. Go to workshops. Never pass on an opportunity to learn new things. Also, if you ever want to teach or mentor people, learning is the best way to do that. Being rich doesn’t always mean having lots of money. You can also be rich by focusing on how many people you can serve. Focus on doing your best to give back to the world then you will be the richest person on Earth.

(39:20) Joel Marion
You have to be willing to change and adapt to new things. The internet is changing, the people are changing everyday. Everything is moving fast. You have to be agile and adapt. The ones who do not adapt, get left behind. If you want longevity in this space, you need to be open to change.