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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Hollis Carter, Brendan Kane, Riley Dayne, Todd Brown, David Osborn, Cassidy Phillips and Max Finn and in this episode you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(2:49) Hollis Carter
Never bite more than you can chew. Sometimes when you get inspired by a project, you tend to want to do it only to find out that it actually takes a lot of work. You need time, resources and a lot of planning. As a result you get overwhelmed. That is why you should never take more than what you can handle.

(8:22) Brendan Kane
You can get a big A list celebrity, but if you don’t have content that’s compelling, nobody cares. There is so much content out there, people are not going to have time for yours. Remember you can interview people who are not celebrities as well as long as their story is compelling.

(12:40) Riley Dayne
The word passion today gets a bad rep. Many will say don’t follow the passion, follow the money, however passion is important because it gives you that power and drive you need on a day where you feel like giving up. It gives you that extra push. You will always find roadblocks but passion is the key ingredient to help you get through them.

(23:41) Todd Brown
One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is starting with a product. Many entrepreneurs fall in love with a particular product and when their marketing doesn’t work, they fail and get crushed. Rather than falling in love with a product, you should fall in love with being an entrepreneur. Doing this gives you the freedom to pick yourself up and move on in case things don’t work out.

(30:22) David Osborn
Sometimes the journey is the destination. It might seem like it’s taking longer for you to be successful but when you look back, you will realize that whatever happened to you, happened for a reason. It got you to where you are right now. So no matter how long it takes, just remember that every single step matters in the journey of success.

(33:27) Cassidy Phillips
You gotta work with your children, not for your children. Include your children in some of the hardships you live rather than just handing them over your wealth. Be the responsible badass parent and hard working entrepreneur you are so that your children can look at you and realize your work and also work as hard as you do.

(39:04) Max Finn
The most common mistake that entrepreneurs make is they want to control everything, they want to do everything by themselves. The thing is once you do this, you will soon have a constant decline around areas that you are not looking at. That is why you should hire experts to take care of the things you cannot supervise. This will help you grow more in the long run.