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Dreams To Deals: Navigating Success

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Welcome back to Making Bank. In today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Erik Van Horn, Cody Sperber, Phil Jones, Michael Bernoff, Aaron Stokes, Phillip Stutts and Nir Eyal, and in this episode, you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(3:09) Erik Van Horn
Franchising gives you the Playbook but also the secret to it is getting in with
the In Crowd the franchisees that are killing it and learning from them that’s really how you shortcut the speed to profitability the speed to having you know significant net worth.

(8:56) Cody Sperber
“Being empowered through my real estate income to be able to give back to him I retired my dad right around the time I was becoming a millionaire I was able to retire my parents.”

(16:45) Phil Jones
Your role in your business is to be able to help guide your customers to get the best access out of the tools that you provide for them, letting them come out as a hero. People will enjoy spending money with you way more than before.

(24:20) Michael Bernoff
Perceiving something as “looking down” on it signifies seeing it as having less control. Visualize bothersome individuals, and if you look up at them, it highlights perceived power dynamics. This awareness empowers you to reassess and manage reactions effectively.

(30:16) Aaron Stokes
You fail not because you didn’t know how to do business but it could be because you hired the wrong guy and everybody needs to beware every time you hire somebody not only can they make you money but they can cost you money.

(35:19) Phillip Stutts
Many times entrepreneurs are the worst at school and the best at business right but many people don’t realize that they can only do good with things they really care about. Find out what that is and then learn to make a living out of it.
(40:12) Nir Eyal
You have to do what it is you said you are going to do because most pernicious distractions are the ones that do not even feel like distractions. You may think opening an email is productive but if it’s not something you planned to do with your time, it is still a distraction.