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Envisioning Success: The Power Of Belief in Entrepreneurial Endeavours

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Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’ve got an incredible guest lined up, Alden Mills, and he is going to blow your mind. Ever wondered how to turn a failing business into a $95 million success story in just three years? Well, get ready to be inspired because our guest is an unstoppable force in the world of entrepreneurship. Join us as he shares invaluable insights on mindset, building winning teams, shaping culture, and mastering the art of leadership. You won’t want to miss this.

(8:40) Seal Entrepreneurs
Alden Mills was interested in bringing a product into the market, a product that would help people’s lives. While he was in the seal team, he would always improve some of the products that they were using. There was a high entrepreneurial mindset before he even went into seal team.

(14:35) Thoughts, Focus & Beliefs
Thoughts, Focus & Beliefs they inter-operate together to help you decide about taking action and taking on more decisions. When you’re starting a business for the first time three things are going to be new. Starting, failing and tiring. All entrepreneurs will have to face this.

(19:55) Mindset Map
Think of focus like a funnel that directs energy into taking an action. Thoughts come in three forms. Past, present and future. Whatever thought you decide to focus on is the one that will decide where you get your energy from.

(22:33) Passion And Purpose
You have to be passionate about whatever it is you’re doing and you have to find purpose. If you’re just passionate about something without purpose, then it’s more like a hobby. If you’re super purposeful about something but you have no passion about it, you’re going to get burned out.

(27:28) $95 Million In 3 Years
“We looked at the infomercial not as a business in itself but as an opportunity to do what I would call, Transactional Brand building. We’re going to sell you a great product, you’re going to be surprised at how good the quality is and then we’re going to get sales through Word of Mouth and then retailers will want the product.”

(32:55) Envisioning
If you can’t articulate what your vision is and get people to believe in it, then you’re never going to see it. The old adage saying, seeing is believing is incorrect. it needs to be believing so you can then see it because there’s going to be something way Far Over Your Horizon and you got to believe in it before you can hope of ever grasping it.

(36:04) 3 Levels Of Leadership
The first level of leadership is you. it’s leading you. Leading yourself directly impacts level two, which is leading teams. Teams are nothing more but the reflection of the leader. Then the third level of leadership is leading the culture of the organization you created. This is your legacy.