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From Idea To Income: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook

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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Daymond John, Philip Stutts, David Wood, Drew Manning, Rob Dial, Cody Sperber and Michael Bernoff and in this episode you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(2:51) Daymond John
Only tell people things about you that are easily digestible. This is because first impressions are very important. You do not want to bombard people with unnecessary details on the first meeting. Make sure you have an interesting reputation so that you can build a strong network.

(8:07) Phillip Stutts
Do not start a marketing campaign by guessing. It is never a good idea. Brainstorm around messages and ideas based on your data, what your customers want. Find out what they need and make sure you serve them. When it comes to marketing, never guess anything.

(10:53) David Wood
Learn to speak up. Learn to say the hard truth. Most people go around never having tough conversations. There may be a lot of risk in speaking up but you may gain a lot as well. It lifts up a burden off your chest. Never entertain passive aggressiveness because it will ruin you in the long run.

(17:42) Drew Manning
Keto, along with an intermediate fasting approach, works really well for entrepreneurs. When your brain gets adapted to ketones, the mental clarity you experience is through the roof. But if you’re glucose adapted you’re going to burn through glucose. That is why keto is the best approach for entrepreneurs.

(23:55) Rob Dial
The most important thing that most people neglect is the kind of people they surround themselves with. You have to get rid of some people in your life. Whatever you put in your brain, that is what will get out. Spend less time with people who are negative and spend more time with people who will teach you the right things to succeed.

(28:22) Cody Sperber
Learning to build an amazing team that is more capable than you is very important. However, this doesn’t remove you from the picture. You need to be the strongest link that holds this team together. You must also never neglect your family. They are as important as your team in order to be successful.

(37:19) Michael Bernoff
As an entrepreneur, you will get to a point in your life where you are sick and tired of your daily life. When you reach this point remember that when you think you are failing, you are not. You just do not like the place where you are at. Learn to move out of that place, pick yourself up so you can find your next goal to work for.