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Success Mindset: Entrepreneurial Excellence

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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Re Perez, David Meltzer, Chris Wyllie, Jamie Mustard, Ryan Coon, Jon Macdonald and Jonathan Keyser and in this episode, you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(2:32) Re Perez
Your brand’s name is very important. It is your main identity. When your name is unauthentic and it does not match what you provide, you can only go so far. You need to empower your brand with its name. Have an authentic purpose and be very clear with what your brand stands for.

(8:07) David Meltzer
Money is important but do not let it be the only reason you are working hard. Your relationship with money is important because it determines how you work in life. Train your mindset to have a giving character. The more you get the more you can give.

(14:09) Chris Wyllie
The biggest problem everyone faces is lack of control. We just need to learn how to control our problems. We need to develop a mentality where we find solutions instead of panicking. Our brain is capable of doing anything it thinks is capable of doing. It’s just a matter of getting it into the desired state.

(18:25) Jamie Mustard
If you want to be successful the first thing you need is attention and if you don’t have attention you don’t have a chance. As an entrepreneur, solving problems is what you will be doing for a living. That is why the ability to grab people’s attention is what will help you become successful.

(21:57) Ryan Coon
Not focusing on your audience is the biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make. Rather than focusing on building a product, focus on your audience. You can do it through blogs, podcasts, emails because once you build a trust with your audience you can focus on products or services that you can provide.

(24:45) Jon Macdonald
The best way to go about ecommerce is to never do things on your website that you wouldn’t do in a physical retail store. Learn to have empathy for your customers even if you cannot interact with them physically. Most ecommerce entrepreneurs do not consider the customer on the other side of the screen.

(28:12) Jonathan Keyser
The hardest part for most people is getting out of their own heads and figuring out how to be present more. Learn to be present and to ask questions to identify what people need. The more you can focus on whoever is in front of you that you are trying to do business with, the more it will feel authentic. Try to give something first before you ask for something.