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Hacking Wealth with Guest Greg Reid: Making Bank S2E35

with Greg Reid



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Opinions are a lot like caffeine—taken in the right dose, they can perk you up, help you focus, and motivate you to achieve any number of objectives and goals. But—if consumed to excess—they can also leave you feeling nervous, anxious, and completely unsure of what to do next.

Too often we are guilty of seeking out and relying upon the opinions of others to move us forward in our day-to-day lives. The reality is, we shouldn’t be seeking opinions at all—only counsel.

Counsel is the catalyst for rapid growth and massive achievement. Counsel is what the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists use on a daily basis.

So, what’s the difference?

Stated simply, opinion is rooted in ignorance, lack of knowledge, and emotion, whereas counsel is based on experience, wisdom, knowledge, leadership.

Today on Making Bank, host Josh Felber invites Greg Reid to offer—not opinions—but sage counsel rooted in years and years of experience working with the world’s most accomplished people.

For those unfamiliar with Greg, he’s a natural entrepreneur, who started a super-successful advertising agency that he later sold for a handsome profit at the age of 30. Since getting out of the nine-to-five business, he’s transformed himself into an author and speaker who’s been everywhere from the Pentagon to the United Nations to discuss perseverance, success, adaptability, and what it takes to transform an idea into a reality.

By his own admission, the key to Greg’s success has been application—he capitalizes on the wealth of wisdom available through books and applies that wisdom with his own spin. He seeks the insights and the counsel of those who’ve already achieved that which he wants, and then disseminates that information in his own voice and with his own perspective.

That’s it.

Get ready to hear Greg and Josh share a wealth of mind-tingling insights that include…

  • The power of “seeking it”
  • Why you only attract what you are
  • The difference between “stickability” and flexibility
  • Why having a positive mental attitude doesn’t involve running away from reality
  • How to choose the right people to surround yourself with so you can achieve the success you seek
  • When to know if the thing—the job, the house, the career, etc.— you’re desperately holding on to is really the thing that’s been holding you back

And more…

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Hacking Wealth with Guest Greg Reid: Making Bank S2E35

Josh Felber:        Welcome to Making Bank, I am Josh Felber, where we uncover the success strategies and the secrets of the top 1% so you can amplify your life and your business today. I’m really honored and excited for today’s guest, which is really awesome. We’re shooting here in San Diego, sunny weather with natural light, you just can’t get any better. I want to welcome Greg Reid to Making Bank.

Greg Reid:            There you go. You’re going to hear a little bit of street noise and things. It’s just part of life. We’re doing it right here in my private residence, so welcome to my house.

Josh Felber:        Greg, just seeing who you are, and your massive exposure online and everything else, but for some of those people that don’t know who Greg Reid is, tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Greg Reid:            Absolutely. If you don’t know who I am, don’t feel bad because I’m not very popular here at home either. I’ve been published now in, I think, 56 books, 45 languages.

Josh Felber:        Awesome.

Greg Reid:            My job is, I travel the world to meet the most powerful and influential people, and I tell their story in book and film. I mean, what a gig!

Josh Felber:        Phenomenal! That’s awesome.

Greg Reid:            I know.

Josh Felber:        You can’t get any better. Learn about them, you get a book, you get a film.

Greg Reid:            Yeah. It seems like there’s so many people that teach their coaches, teachers, mentors, authors.

Josh Felber:        Sure.

Greg Reid:            I said, “Now, wouldn’t it be great to go right to the source, people that are getting the results you want and ask right from the horse’s mouth, not only what they did, but how they did it?”

Josh Felber:        Sure. Then, I guess, first of all, tell us a little bit how you got started and got on this path.

Greg Reid:            All pure by accident. I was in advertising for 20 years of my life. I did one job. When I retired in my late 30s, I sold my company for a lot of money. People said, “How did you do it?” I said, “Well, I read these books. I went to these seminars.” They asked me to start speaking.

Then I was done doing a talk and some guy said, “You should write a book.” I go, “That’s a great goal because I’ve never read a book.” From beginning to end, I skim through it and I do all the stuff, so I took it as a challenge. It was so funny. I was turned down, my first book, by 268 publishers in a row.

Josh Felber:        Oh, wow!

Greg Reid:            The 269th one said, “We’ll do it. All you’ve got to do is change the title, the beginning, the middle and the end.” I didn’t know what I was doing, but I took their counsel and here we are.

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome! I guess, that got you on writing your own book, out of the advertising agency. Did you own it? Did you work for it? When did you start being an entrepreneur?

Greg Reid:            Well, my whole life. Even as a sales rep, I was a independent guy. Then it grew and grew, and eventually I started my own entity, and in a very short time grew it to a multi-million dollar status. I ended up flipping it and went on to this new, I guess, chapter of life so to speak.

Josh Felber:        Awesome. I guess you got your book out. I guess, what was that transformational point in your life you were like, “Man, I really need to start helping other people do this for themselves?”

Greg Reid:            Well, it’s interesting, I’m a really good student. Rather than being a coach or a mentor, or one of these guys that gets on top of a soapbox and says how great they are, I’m just a student. I teach everyone exactly in realtime as I’m learning it. Basically, as it comes to me, I pass it onto others. By the way, it’s always changing.

Josh Felber:        Oh, yeah. It is.

Greg Reid:            Yeah, like the other day. I just had a conversation just yesterday down at T&C. I was hanging out with some people. I said, “The first 56 books I’ve been part of basically is a bunch of crap.” All I knew is what I knew. Now, I think I know things differently because I come at things at a different perspective. Now, I’m thinking, “Man, I think I’d go back and rework it.” But more importantly, I’m just letting new work to bring this new information to life.

Josh Felber:        Gotcha. One of the things, I guess then, with … Do you go to somebody and say, “Hey, we want to do a book or …” I guess, how do you get somebody engaged to want to design and do their own book?

Greg Reid:            Wow! You mean someone wanting to do their own book or-

Josh Felber:        Yeah. I guess, is there’s a compilation or do you go help other people do individual books?

Greg Reid:            No. I do all the above. The majority of it, I primarily just write my own books. I have been very blessed to be commissioned by an incredible foundation. I got a Willy Wonka ticket to meet anyone on the planet earth, but right now, I’m working on a really neat project. It’s called the Wealth Hack. After about two years, I’m traveling the world, I’m meeting people with 100 million to a billion dollars and that’s it.

Josh Felber:        Wow!

Greg Reid:            I’m finding out exactly what they did. I’m telling you, it’s transformational because all of this [inaudible 00:04:46] stuff and all this stuff … You’ve doing these interviews. I guarantee you, a majority of it’s bullshit. What it comes down to is I’m realizing that the people that are Uber wealthy are not the ones teaching it or talking about it. They’re the ones who are actually doing it.

Josh Felber:        Doing it.

Greg Reid:            I sat down with this multi-billionaire just recently. I said, “Why are you a billionaire and I’m not?” He says, “Because you believe the BS lies that you tell and spread to people.”

Josh Felber:        Wow!

Greg Reid:            “Well, okay. Well, teach me.” He says, “You teach people to go find their passion and the money will follow.” I said, “Yeah.” He goes, “It’s complete lies.” “Well, what do you mean?” He says, “What you do is seek opportunity and you capitalize on it, and that finances your passion.” I go, “What do you mean?” He says, “Well, 95% of businesses that fail every single year is because you get them all fired up to quit their day job, to open up that yogurt shop because that’s your passion.” Unfortunately, they don’t go out of business because of their business acumen or money. It’s because it’s their baby. It is their passion. As soon as there’s challenges, they’ll go down and die with the shop.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            He goes, “I’m a game of Frogger. I ride a log. As soon as it goes under, I jump off to the next log. I could never go under because I’m never emotionally attached.” He goes, “That creates so much wealth and prosperity for myself. I use that to go fund orphanages, and music, and my passions, and things like that way.” He goes, “Until you can change your mindset …” He goes, “You’ll never be wealthy. You’ll get rich, but you’ll never be wealthy.”

Josh Felber:        Wow! That’s a huge transformational shift.

Greg Reid:            Exactly.

Josh Felber:        Yeah.

Greg Reid:            I went, “Okay. Well, I got to go [inaudible 00:06:15] my other books.” He goes, “Cross that out. Cross that out.” Right? But the whole thing is I do realize that there’s many people that have been very successful living their passion. But on the same note, I’m just realizing. He said, “Look, do you think that the Rockefellers were passionate about crude oil and the [inaudible 00:06:31], or do you think that the waste management is passionate about trash and garbage, or are they aggregate people that built the roadways and freeways?” He goes, “But they saw an opportunity and they seized it, and they’re the people that really control our society today.”

Josh Felber:        Wow! Yeah, that just blows your mind because, like you said, you see everybody and they’re teaching this one path. But then all the top wealthy people are on a whole different path.

Greg Reid:            That’s just this tip of the iceberg, I’m telling you. All I’ve been doing is traveling the world, meeting with all these peoples. The information is so spectacular because it’s so simple. I realize that we complicate it because we are trying to sell a problem, because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Josh Felber:        Sure.

Greg Reid:            I realize is the people that are truly wealthy, they understand a concept, they dial it in, and they master it. For example, I sat down with a guy who’s a billionaire in raw land. Again, no real passion behind it. I go, “How do you make a billion dollars in raw land?” He says, “I find a town anywhere in the world that grows about 20 to 25%. Just go on Google Maps. You could find it anywhere.” He goes, “I find Main Street. I draw a line out eight miles and I buy the dirt. I rent the dirt to farmers who pay the land, so it’s free, and I get vegetables. As the town grows exponentially, it’s on my property. I’m on Main Street. Since I own the biggest land, I sell to Costco for 100 times, billion dollars.”

Josh Felber:        Wow! Yeah, and it’s so simple though if you actually sit down and think about it.

Greg Reid:            That’s how all of these are. Wealth Hack is a journey where I’m sitting down with people that made a billion dollars in oil or in gold, or in sheep skins, or whatever it is. I’m deducing it down to common sense for all of us to understand.

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome. That’s what you’re working on right now?

Greg Reid:            That’s what I’m doing right now.

Josh Felber:        This is exciting.

Greg Reid:            I believe I’ve been in training my entire career for this moment. Now, here’s a funny thing. I offered a program for people to go with me. It was about 25 grand, you travel the world for two years to meet all these people. Only seven people joined me, and only three ever show up.

Josh Felber:        Wow!

Greg Reid:            I think it’s the funniest thing because many receive great opportunities, but not everyone capitalizes on it.

Josh Felber:        For sure.

Greg Reid:            They let the bad case of the once I stop them. That means, I’ll get started once I get the big break or once I have the opportunity. But you have to seize the opportunity when it’s gifted.

Josh Felber:        Definitely. It’s taking that action, and everybody wants to have that dream and accomplish their goals. They look at the journey, and as soon as they start seeing those challenges, “Oh, well. You know, I’m not ready for that yet.”

Greg Reid:            You know what? God bless you. But they’re not ready for it, and that’s what it is. It’s interesting. They talk about the Law of Attraction, you know, whatever you think about and actually comes to be. But it’s the action behind attraction that makes your dreams come true. Think it, yes. Feel it, of course. Ultimately, you got to get off your ass and you got to do it.

Josh Felber:        Do it.

Greg Reid:            It’s the people that are willing to do those actions, today, have the brighter tomorrows that everyone wants to have for themselves.

Josh Felber:        Sure. Along your journey here, what would you say were the three key strategies that have gotten you to your success today?

Greg Reid:            Only one. Application. That’s it, application. I’m getting amazing information and I’m applying it and getting the results that most people would like for themselves. I’m just a regular cat. I got a D in English. I barely graduated high school. I never went to college. I’m a regular guy. The only thing I do differently is I get amazing information and apply it. I’ll give you the greatest information I’ve ever got in my life.

The guy who invented String Theory, John Schwartz taught me this. He said, “Successful people seek and apply counsel where failures listen to opinion.” I go, “What’s the difference?” He goes, “Opinion is based on ignorance, lack of knowledge like all your family, friends who have never done it.” Counsel is based on the wisdom, knowledge, mentorship. People pave the way. If you go to family, friends, say you’re going to write a book, they’ll talk you out of it because they’ve never done it. If you go to Mark Victor Hanson who wrote Chicken Soup, he’ll say, “Before you get started, here’s what you need to know.” John Schwartz said, “If we would spend our activity only seeking counsel and ignoring people’s opinion, that’s the day your life will change.” Every single day, I seek and apply counsel.

Josh Felber:        With so much, I guess, information out there and counsel out there, how do you sift through what is good, what’s bad?

Greg Reid:            I don’t. I sift through the people that are getting the results I want. It’s all actionable stats. People that are teaching it, I have no interest in.

Josh Felber:        Okay, gotcha.

Greg Reid:            I just don’t. I know those who can do, those who can’t teach, and it’s a true philosophy for a reason. If I want to start a non-profit, I go to the founder of Make-A-Wish and say how did you do it. Right now, I’m making my first major feature film this, so I’m going to Oscar winning producers. I’m saying, “How do you do it?” Because if you surround yourself with people who are doing what you want, ultimately can get it for yourself.

A few years ago I went to Africa and climbed Kilimanjaro. I did not ask some surfer guy here along the beach that asked me, you know, take me up. I found a [inaudible 00:11:25] that had climbed it 7-800 times. Where ever they put their boot print, I put my boot print because I knew they’d make it to the top. It’s the same thing. When I wanted to write a book, I didn’t go to people who wrote books. I went to people who sold books. They’re two different people.

Josh Felber:        Definitely.

Greg Reid:            That’s my mentality, who’s getting the results that I want, and surround yourself with them.

Josh Felber:        I guess, it sounds like it’s pretty easy for you to reach out to them.

Greg Reid:            Hold up. It’s easy for you too. It’s easy for you too. It’s easy for everybody, but people just don’t do it. They let stinking thinking fear stop them.

Josh Felber:        For sure.

Greg Reid:            The greatest fear that holds people back is the fear of criticism, what other people will think. Here’s a news flash, no one’s thinking about you because they want their own stuff, right?

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            The whole thing is just take action and reach out. The funny thing is, the most successful people are also the most available. If you’re brand new at something, you’re happy go lucky. If you’re the pinnacle, happy go lucky. In the middle, complete pain in the ass. You’re filled with ego, you’re edging God out, finding your own voice. I say, in school, you got in trouble for cutting the line. In life and business, that’s all I do all day.

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome. It makes now, listening to you talk about it, that makes total sense because you’re lining yourself with those people that are getting the results and moving forward. I guess, for somebody that’s watching and you’re like, “Hey, I’d love to connect with X, Y, Z to help me go do this or to learn from,” how would you tell them to go about that?

Greg Reid:            Just Google. That’s all I do.

Josh Felber:        Google and email them.

Greg Reid:            I Google and email. That’s all I do. Anyway, what’s the big secret?

Josh Felber:        Well, yeah, because people think it’s complicated and it’s hard.

Greg Reid:            Right. How many people are working here right now? Right?

Josh Felber:        Yeah.

Greg Reid:            This is me, so that’s what I do. You Google, reach out, and you’ll find that the most successful people are also the most available people. I started an event a few years ago in my private home with 12 people called The Secret Knock. The whole idea is I say, “Give me a bunch of money, but I won’t tell you where it is or who’s going to be there.” That’s how we do it today. It’s sold out, standing room only every single year. We just hit Inc., Forbes, and entrepreneur’s list and top events because what we do is we under, under promise, and we super over deliver. Our whole concept is, “What if I get put in an environment where all these amazing people I have a chance to interview, I give you full access to,” and not where there’s a VIP room or any of that crap where you got to pay money to take a picture.

They hang out for a couple days, so you have lunch and have a beer with the founder of Make-A-wish. If you have an invention, we’ll bring in the guy who invented the credit card magnetic strip. If you’re going to start a clothing line, I’ll bring in the founder of UGG boots. I got Tonino Lamborghini flying in from Italy. How do you surround yourself with the people who are actually doing what you want?

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome.

Greg Reid:            That’s it.

Josh Felber:        Your Secret Knock, it’s surrounding the best people together?

Greg Reid:            That’s it. We pre-qualify every person.

Josh Felber:        Okay. That’s what I was going to ask.

Greg Reid:            Everyone has to apply at We even left the M off, so no one could find us. The whole concept is, is that you go through a screening process to make sure you don’t have a tin foil hat or talk to dead aliens through your cat. The whole idea is if I’m going to introduce you to my friends, I want to make sure that you have a value to bring to the table as much as I know that you’ll receive.

Josh Felber:        Sure. That’s awesome.

Greg Reid:            What a weird idea, huh?

Josh Felber:        No. It’s cool because there’s different masterminds, and different groups, and everything out there.

Greg Reid:            No. There are no masterminds. Those are semicircles where a guru points his finger and tells you what he is doing, and what you should do. That’s not a real mastermind. The definition of a mastermind was basically from the original days of Thomas Edison where he was the first person to bring in like minds from Russia, and Germany, and from Switzerland, and from China, which was crazy back in the late 1800s and 1900s. But that’s how they had the brain trust to work on a common goal. Then together, they did something. That’s called a mastermind. Most people, what they’re doing, is basically not.

Josh Felber:        Yeah, yeah. You’d say that’s their own group that they’re just-

Greg Reid:            Yeah. You’d call it what you like to do, but it’s not really a mastermind. A mastermind, again, I’ve got a group where every two months amazing people come from all around the world and it’s just 12-13 of us guys. We sit there and say, “Here’s this problem. Here’s the situation.” We have amazing minds looking at it one time. You have no idea the power from that.

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome.

Greg Reid:            But what happens usually is it’s one person throwing their ego with a bunch of people paying them a bunch of money. I’m just being clear with it-

Josh Felber:        No, definitely. No, that-

Greg Reid:            … because I see it everywhere. I’m the only realist, I think, in this industry to keep it …

Josh Felber:        Well, I mean, because people watch it. There’s so many different options, I guess, out there people see, and like, well, how do I differentiate, how do I know where to go, and so getting your perspective with what you guys do compared to what’s also available out there.

Greg Reid:            Yeah, and so you can start your own group. That’s what’s really neat because a real fun mastermind is when you put yourself in a hot seat and say, “Look, here’s my name, here’s what I’m working on, and here’s some challenges.” Then you have nine or 10 people all pointing their spotlight to help that one individual, and then the next person, and the next person. That’s spectacular because then, all of a sudden, you’re getting that attention.

Josh Felber:        For you then, and then you say you’re making a movie-

Greg Reid:            Yeah.

Josh Felber:        Could you give us a little bit of information if you’re able to?

Greg Reid:            Yeah, absolutely. It’s back to the Make-A-Wish guy. He’s 74-years-old. When I saw him, it was 71. We were done doing our interview and I’m taking off my microphone. I go, “By the way, I got to ask. What was your wish? What did you ask for?” He goes, “No one ever asked me.”

Josh Felber:        Wow!

Greg Reid:            He says, “Well, I’m your genie. Whatever your wish is, no matter what, I promise you. I’ll grant your wish.” He says, “I just want my story to be told so my grandkids know I did something cool.” I said, “Sign over your life rights. I’m going to make it into a major feature film. The only challenge is, I’ve never made a feature film.” But he trusted me and this year we’re going into production and filming, and the whole bit. It’s really cool. I went to his hometown in Prescott, Arizona. He got the city council, mayor to chip in. They’re giving us their roadways, and freeways, and buildings. The whole hook is that entire city is going to come out to grant their wish from the founder of Make-A-Wish.

Josh Felber:        That’s really cool.

Greg Reid:            Neat, right?

Josh Felber:        Yeah. It’s interesting because what you said was nobody’s ever asked them.

Greg Reid:            Nobody ever asked them. It’s like a [crosstalk 00:17:32]-

Josh Felber:        It was that simple.

Greg Reid:            I find that over and over. That’s what I just keep saying. The most successful people are available because most people want something and not everyone’s giving.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            I think that’s how I get access to people because it’s always a reciprocal relationships, always, always, always. Kevin Harrington, I know is speaking over at T&C, right?

Josh Felber:        Yeah.

Greg Reid:            He comes to me and goes, “Hey, can I speak at your Secret Knock?” I go, “Why do you always want to speak there?” He goes, “Because I always make a million dollars every time I do.” I go, “I guess I’d want to come back too,” because-

Josh Felber:        It’s a good incentive.

Greg Reid:            … of the deals that you do, right?

Josh Felber:        Yeah, right.

Greg Reid:            You don’t think about that, but the whole idea is how can you constantly be giving to the people who are also giving to you, build that reciprocation and then that’s where the miracles lie. Along the journey, I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing people. But I understand you and I get to interview a lot of the same people too.

Josh Felber:        Sure.

Greg Reid:            Naveen Jain, I just interviewed for Wealth Hack.

Josh Felber:        No way!

Greg Reid:            You met with him.

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome. Yeah, I met with him. Somebody had asked him and they said, “Well, what’s your morning routine look like?” He goes, “That’s not the right question. I would be asking me, what is your mindset and your processes, and your system processes the way you think about instead of what’s my morning routine.” He goes, “Everybody can copy a morning routine and that’s not going to make you successful. How I think and the process that I go down, that’s what’s going to make you successful.”

Greg Reid:            It’s so interesting. People listen to this. I just want to stop because I didn’t even get that takeaway. High five on that.

Josh Felber:        Yeah, thanks.

Greg Reid:            What’s cool about that is what you’re saying. It’s look, if I say every day I get up, and I go down to Starbucks, I get a cup of coffee and a croissant, and come home, and walk the dog and read the paper, that’s just the minutia.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            But what he’s really saying is, “I clear my head, I get in the car, no one’s talking to me.” That’s mindset that he puts himself in, which is a really important thing. Pretty cool.

Josh Felber:        Yeah, I know. It’s really awesome. We have an interview coming up in a couple weeks, so it’ll be fun [inaudible 00:19:27].

Greg Reid:            Tell him I said hi.

Josh Felber:        Well, I will. That’s awesome that you just met with him and everything for Wealth Hacks. I’d definitely check out Wealth Hacks.

Greg Reid:            Well, in a year from now when it comes out.

Josh Felber:        In a year.

Greg Reid:            I want to tell you all my secrets, but I can’t let them out of the bag right now.

Josh Felber:        Maybe you could share like one or two because …

Greg Reid:            I just told you a pretty good one. Well, a couple of them actually. What’s interesting is along this quest, I keep realizing though is that the people … If you can surround yourself with people that are doing what you want to do and then duplicate it in your own style, those are the people that come out on top. Look, I don’t do an exact talk like Les Brown even though Les Brown taught me how to speak. I’m not going to do the exact same one because then you’ll just be a copycat. The idea is to put your own unique spin and take on it.

Josh Felber:        For sure. No, I think that’s definitely interesting. One thing you mentioned was surrounding yourself with the right people. So many times, like for me, I live in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. I don’t get surrounded by all those people. People say, “Well, why do you travel, why do you go network and connect?” I want to be surrounded by these people and learn from them, and hopefully create value for them back myself. Whether it’s having them on my show and being able to share their story, and share their information, and then learning from them what’s got them to that point, what are those mindset, what is that thought process, and what are they doing to move to that next level that separates them from everybody else.

Greg Reid:            It’s funny. I think that’s how we get all of your people moving here to California. [inaudible 00:20:54] It seems like we’re the hub for some reason.

Josh Felber:        It’s all out there.

Greg Reid:            Everyone keeps coming [crosstalk 00:20:59] reason because it’s probably the weather, right?

Josh Felber:        Right. Yeah. Yeah, the weather is always beautiful. You have the book. You have the Success Knows, the secret group.

Greg Reid:            Secret Knock.

Josh Felber:        Secret Knock. Sorry, my bad. So, Secret Knock and then the movie coming out. What do you spend your free time on?

Greg Reid:            All of these other things, the opportunities that are coming my way now because … Look, the Law of Attraction, again, is whatever you think, the [inaudible 00:21:23] stuff. The real scientific version, as you know, is RAS, which is Reticular Activator System, what you seek, you can start and actually see. If I say double staircase, we want people to go, “Holy crap! Look what I manifested.” Other people said, “You know, I looked for it. Therefore, you see it.”

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            The whole concept is how can you start seeing these opportunities. Since I’ve been doing Wealth Hack, I’m seeking these opportunities and magically they’re appearing.

Josh Felber:        With your journey, and with all the success and everything you have, what would you say … Somebody that can go out and take action today, what would you say, these are the three main points or maybe there’s just one major point, but one of the three main points that they could take action on and start making transformations in their life?

Greg Reid:            Seek it. There’s a old rumor called “Whatever you seek is seeking you”. My four-year-old, one of the coolest kids, every time we come home, he’d reach in his pocket and he pulls out money. He finds it on the ground, you know wherever, we’re at the grocery store and he always come back. I go, “Why is it, no matter where we go, you always find money?” He says, “That’s easy, Dad. I look for it.”

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome. Yeah. I know we were starting to talk a little bit on the RAS. It reminded me of … You buy a car that you never had before.

Greg Reid:            Then you see [crosstalk 00:22:37].

Josh Felber:        Then all of a sudden you see them all over the place.

Greg Reid:            It’s the same thing. Whatever you seek, whatever you look for, is also seeking you in return. It’s very imperative to make sure that we’re putting the thoughts out that we want because the Law of Attraction does not work that you attract what you want. You only attract more of who you already are. That’s it. That’s why certain people get in fights. When is the last time you got in a fight, right?

Josh Felber:        Yeah. Yeah.

Greg Reid:            Because [crosstalk 00:23:02] you don’t seek that. But the other people go, “I was in a bar. I got in a fight.” I go, “I don’t even know what that would be like,” right, because that not what we seek.

Josh Felber:        Yeah. Sure.

Greg Reid:            Therefore, whatever you seek is seeking you. It’s very important to be aware of what we’re putting out so that we can get it back in return. The funny thing. The way that you tap into the source … It’s funny. In the air waves right now, there’s country music, rap music and classical, agreed?

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            We take a receiver, we dial into an exact frequency like 100.7, not 101 or … 101.7 and we pull it from … Right? Well, that’s the same thing as information, knowledge, relationships, health, wellness, wisdom. Everything is around us as well, so everything is energy. The way that you pull it down is the questions in which we ask. Unfortunately, he’s what most people do. The universe is very literal. I say, “God, why does this always happen to me?” The universe says, “Well, this is why you dumb ass,” and gives you more of that.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            When your system say, “Well, when is the shoe going to fall, when is this going to go bad?” “Tuesday at four o’clock.” It’s going to give you that exact answer. But if we start saying, “What’s the opportunity in this challenge that I’m not seeing,” all of a sudden you start seeing that or who’s got my money today like Grant Cardone, right?

Josh Felber:        Yeah. Yeah. He’s always saying, “Yeah, who’s got my money.”

Greg Reid:            Then all of a sudden you start seeking.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            The whole idea is whatever you seek is also seeking you.

Josh Felber:        For sure. At least my personal thoughts on this is there’s so much negativity out there whether it’s the news, whether it’s just information all around. I think it’s being able to filter all that out and really focus on. We don’t even watch the news at home. We don’t even focus on that. With my kids, they’re eight and six, and stuff. They focus on information that’s going to help them in whatever they’re doing whether it’s reading, whether it’s a specific show on a topic or whatever that they may watch. My daughter started a business over the summer just from watching my wife’s company and everything.

Greg Reid:            That’s fantastic.

Josh Felber:        What she’s doing for skincare, she wanted to do for pets. I think by putting the positive and surrounding yourself in that … I don’t want to say positivity or optimistic, but it is, you’re creating that energy around yourself.

Greg Reid:            Well, you are creating the energy in which you put out though.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            Everything like we just got done saying, that’s like whatever you seek, that’s it. A lot of people sit there and go, “I hate my newsfeed on Facebook.” Well, guess what? Those are the people that you’re interacting with, right?

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            Therefore, that’s why you’re seeing an ISIS beheading. You’re not going to see them on my newsfeed.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            I promise you. You’re not going to see any of that stuff because I will not allow that energy into my life.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            That’s the way it goes. It’s so funny. Nowhere in PMA, Positive Mental Attitude, is to say you also have to run away from reality. My mentor gave a quote and wrote a book called Illuminate. He says, “You’ve got to accentuate the positive and not eliminate the negative. You accentuate the positive and illuminate the negative.” As soon as you put a spotlight on it, you get rid of it.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Greg Reid:            If I have a first date, I knock on the door and I got a big old pimple, I say, “All right, let’s get this out of the way. Here’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, you laugh, and I don’t have to hide all night, right?”

Josh Felber:        Yeah. Yeah.

Greg Reid:            By illuminating it, it also gives you the opportunity to repair.

Josh Felber:        That makes sense.

Greg Reid:            You can’t walk into a doctor’s office with a, God forbid, melanoma and say I have a great mental attitude so it’ll go away. You have to sit there and go, “Hey, look. I’m going to beat this,” with your attitude. “But doc, what do we got to do to take some actions?”

Josh Felber:        For sure. Now that’s awesome. Well, I know we only got a few minutes left. What’s one piece of technology or something you just can’t live without?

Greg Reid:            My iPhone, no matter what. I don’t know what I would do. It’s so funny because right now we have more access in our pocket to information that Bill Clinton did as the President of the United States of America. I had an opportunity to meet with Marty Cooper, inventor of the cell phone.

Josh Felber:        That’s cool.

Greg Reid:            It was one of the greatest interviews. I was writing a book called Stickability. I says, “What does stickability mean to you?” He goes, “Stickability has to be parallel to flexibility.” He says, “If you’re not willing to adapt, you get stuck.” He said, “A spider monkey in the rain forest is the most quick nimble creature, but no one could catch it.” San Juan figured it out. He took a heavy log, drilled a tiny hole, dropped a peanut in, and left it at the base of the jungle. The monkey would reach in, grab a hold of it, and his fist become so big he can’t pull it back out. All he’s got to do is let go, but he thinks that nut is saving him.

A hunter comes by an hour later and captures this monkey. He says, “Is that your moral in life?” But you’re holding onto a car, or a deal, or a relationship, or a fear in what you think is saving you just like the monkey thinks the nut is. It can also be the thing that leading to your own demise. Sometimes you have to have the flexibility to let go so you can live to fight another day.

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome. Hey, guys. I hope you’re taking some notes here. If not, go back and rewind. Greg has been sharing some awesome information.

Greg Reid:            Dropping some knowledge bombs.

Josh Felber:        That’s right. Knowledge bombs are in the house on Making Bank today. Any last insights you want to leave our audience with before we have to …

Greg Reid:            Probably the same old cliché that you’ve heard a thousand times. We’re a reflection of the people we hang around the most, our income, attitude and lifestyles that you have into the group. Choose your friends wisely because that is a reflection of who you are.

Josh Felber:        Definitely. Where can people find out about you?

Greg Reid:            Just Google-

Josh Felber:        Just Google.

Greg Reid:            … or go into a bookstore. More importantly, go to and apply, and see if you make the cut to come play with the big dogs.

Josh Felber:        Cool. If they were going to pick up one of your books to read, which one would they pick?

Greg Reid:            Three Feet From Gold.

Josh Felber:        Three Feet From Gold.

Greg Reid:            I think you’d absolutely love it, not because I wrote it, because I had amazing ghost writers. In fact, the person I co-authored the book with is Sharon Lechter who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad with Robert Kiyosaki. She’s the one who actually brought the real life to that project.

Josh Felber:        That’s awesome.

Greg Reid:            It’s spectacular.

Josh Felber:        Phenomenal. Well, I just want to thank you, today, for coming on Making Bank, being able to shoot this in your house and everything. It was an honor to have you on today.

Greg Reid:            I’ll see you all later. Keep smiling.

Josh Felber:        Yeah. Thank you.

Greg Reid:            Rock and roll.

Josh Felber:        I am Josh Felber. You are watching Making Bank. Get out and be extraordinary.