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The Sales Game Plan with Guest Randy Grizzle MakingBank S2E36

with Randy Grizzle



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The world of sales is a lot like the world of professional golf—the winner of a 72-hole tournament may only finish two or three strokes ahead of the golfer who comes in 10th place, but the payouts between 1st place and 10th place are radically different.

The same is true of sales.

The top salesman might only close a few more deals than you, but those few deals are going to radically alter how he’s compensated compared to you.

Of course, this lesson applies to more than sales people, it applies to companies as a whole—the difference between meeting your quarterly or annual revenue numbers might only be one or two deals, but how you feel when you miss those goals versus how you feel when you hit them is miles apart.

So, how do you avoid that “close-but-no-cigar” feeling? How do you make sure you and your company are one of the “winners”?

Well, that’s what host Josh Felber wants to find out on today’s episode of Making Bank, featuring guest Randy Grizzle.

Randy is a man who knows how to create value through negotiating, and has successfully closed thousands of high-ticket sales, simultaneously generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

Growing up on a cattle farm in rural Idaho, you wouldn’t peg Randy as the kind of kid who would grow up to be one of America’s most successful salesmen, but—as we’ve highlighted time and time again on Making Bank—nobody can be limited by their origin story. Randy has become a true master of the sale, and is getting ready to share his sales-generating secrets in a new book titled, Closer Secrets.

With the book, Randy hopes to help business owners successfully bridge the gap between their product or service, and what it takes to actually sell that item at a high-ticket price point.

For the entrepreneur who knows what they do is amazing but doesn’t know how to sell that amazingness, this is the book for you!

In addition to discussing the book, Randy and Josh will also talk about…

  • How selling is not about selling—it’s about value delivery
  • Why mastery of the fundamentals is the secret to success
  • How relatability is essential to sales and identifying the real why
  • Why a little bit of difference now can make a HUGE difference tomorrow
  • Routine—how it separates those who operate at a super-high level from “average” individuals
  • Why companies need to learn to focus on the specifics as opposed to the “overall” picture if they want BIG sales

and more…

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The Sales Game Plan with Guest Randy Grizzle MakingBank S2E36

Josh Felber:        Welcome to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber, where we uncover the success strategies and the secrets of the top one percent so you can amplify and transform your life and your business. I’m excited for today’s guest. We met probably about a little over a year or so ago and really connected. We both have the bald heads and everything, but we really connected on the level of just talking about sales and closing, and how people can actually utilize that by creating more value for others.

So I’m excited today to welcome Randall Grizzle to Making Bank. He was raised on a cattle ranch way out in the middle of Idaho. This is a community known for their hunting, white water rafting, salmon fishing, but as he was growing up, money was always tight. So that got Randy to thinking, “Hey, how can I do better? What can I do?” So he started young as an entrepreneur, and as he was building his business he learned to create value through negotiating. After selling his company, he really wanted to dive in and learn about and figure out the psychology and strategy of sales. He did that through a boiler room environment. So he started selling closing packages for three to $15,000 every day, every month consistently, time over time again.

Along his journey, there was another entrepreneur named Russell Brunson who happened to see this, he’s the owner of DotCom Secrets and Clickfunnels. He swooped up Randall to help with his struggling company to really grow his business and what he has going on. Within weeks, Randall transformed the company by closing multiple deals. As well, within a few months guiding the company to now doing over $100,000 per sales every week. So as Randall’s process along his journey, he wanted to really prove out that it’s not just a numbers game, it’s about the quality of people, not the volume. He now leads a team of people who are consistently closing over $200,000 ever week. Randall, I want to welcome you to Making Bank.

Randall Grizzle:                  Wow man, thank you Josh. Thanks for having me, and thanks for the introduction. I got to say, as far as the … When I listened to it there, I’ve just got to clarify that the thing with my timing, when I had met Russell Brunson, like the timing was just right, right? Russell’s company was about ready to blow up, and I think I walked in at a time that the things that I was good at made what he was doing better, right?

Josh Felber:        Sure.

Randall Grizzle:                  Like you mentioned, I think a big part of that were the relationships that I had when I went and got to know Russell because I was able to bring in some of the other right key players and the math. It got exciting quickly.

Josh Felber:        Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Randall Grizzle:                  We got up to where we had 50, 60, sales guys working on the phones, kind of scaled things up that way, but today the main thing I think that we focus on is how to do that with a couple of guys.

Josh Felber:        Right.    So instead of having a massive team, you have a couple of people doing the same exact thing.

Randall Grizzle:                  Yeah, that’s right.

Josh Felber:        Awesome, well tell me a little bit about … I know I mentioned in there your background. You got started at a young age as an entrepreneur, I think you’d started a concrete business?

Randall Grizzle:                  Yeah, a friend of mine, and myself, that I grew up with, we got into doing colored stamped patios, custom interior acid staining, decorative concrete, right? What I figured out within that space was that I could sell this stuff like it was granite or marble, or I could sell it like it was just the next step up from your gray concrete. So with that, I learned a lot of different things as far as the sales process, but in the beginning I remember driving around all the time and doing all these different estimates, and I’d get all excited about these estimates, and then I started using some really basic tools to eliminate a lot of wasted time.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Randall Grizzle:                  Right? And I figured out how, when I was going to go do these estimates to make sure I was going to be able to get the contracts done right away and get these jobs, right?

Josh Felber:        Nice.

Randall Grizzle:                  Tried not to waste a lot of time, so that’s kind of where that came from, yeah.

Josh Felber:        So what kind of started the whole interest with that in sales, in the whole negotiating part of it?

Randall Grizzle:                  Sure, and kind of where that came from, and you mentioned kind of the boiler room setting, when I was back … This is over a decade ago when I first was learning how to work on the phones and sell these high ticket packages, and when I learned how to do that, then in that next summer, because the curbing and concrete was kind of a summer time thing here Boise, weather, then in the summer, what I realized was that the different things that I learned about working on the phone and selling these high ticket stuff gave me the ability with my own business to just get way more deals, create way more relationships with way more people, and get way more of my work out there.

So I was able to scale up, but at the same time, what I realized was that in those winter times when I was working inside on the phone, I was in control of my future as far as, I could go in, nobody could tell me a limit on how much I could make, the weather wasn’t going to hold me back, there wasn’t a lot of things that I felt like if I got good at this stuff that I couldn’t accomplish. It was then that I decided that I loved creating relationships with people and I loved helping people put together their process so that they can reach out to more people and make a difference and get their stuff out there. So the main thing that I like to teach is how to work that equation backwards.

Josh Felber:        Okay.

Randall Grizzle:                  Like a lot of people tell me, “I want to do a book, and then create these products, and then on the backend do this.” What I would like to tell them, or ask them is, “Let’s work that equation backwards. What do you have that’s so great on the backend that people just can’t afford not to have?”

Josh Felber:        Right, that’s a good question, yeah.

Randall Grizzle:                  That’s the first question, and when we do that, and we ask that, we ensure that in six months from now, whatever we’re doing, people are happy, because that’s the most important thing whatever we’re selling.

Josh Felber:        Sure.

Randall Grizzle:                  Right?

Josh Felber:        Yeah.

Randall Grizzle:                  And that’s why maybe the sales guy … A lot of folks may say that he may not be the Dirty Harry at the car lodge, “If somebody don’t get down here in the next 10 minutes, I’ll club a baby seal.”

Josh Felber:        Right.

Randall Grizzle:                  Right? “I’ll do it. I’m Dirty Harry.”

Josh Felber:        And that’s what people think of salespeople over your way?

Randall Grizzle:                  It is, right? So what I challenge business owners to embrace is to have a process that’s put together that helps people understand that when they make that commitment, they decide that they’re going to make the conscious decision and invest thousands of dollars with you, that that equation, like I said, it works backwards. So if somebody invests a lot of money with me, I already know that what I’m doing works well as far as the backend. That’s the most important thing, and I think that’s the thing that a lot of people are missing, but when you have something on the backend that people can’t afford not to have, or I’m selling something on the backend, Josh, that people can’t afford not to have. Like, when that starts, that’s my belief system in the beginning, and that’s true [inaudible 00:08:40] with everything that I do personally, everything.

I believe that if somebody doesn’t get started with a certain service, then I’m doing them, their family, everybody that cares about them, a huge disservice. Like, that’s what I mean by working the equation backwards. So now, so far we have the two pieces, we have the follow through on the backend, and the alignment with how we’re selling it. The person that’s selling it believes in it to the point where there’s no other option. So those are the two things. That’s kind of a lot of times, where I like to start the process because from there is really what I and my team is good at.

Josh Felber:        So then, what you’re saying then with that is, you guys as the sales people, you guys look at the whole area and say, “Okay, hey, I need to really believe in it this much down to my core,” and by doing that, and that’s ingrained in you, that turns around and allows you to then have that passion and be able to create that value when you’re speaking with somebody on the phone or in person to help sell that product.

Randall Grizzle:                  That’s right, man, and it’s a pretty fundamental basic question that I think a lot of business owners might have a hard time answering.

Josh Felber:        Yeah, definitely. I mean, because they … I mean, obviously as an entrepreneur or businessman, you have your own passion, your own excitement and interest in what you’re doing and what you have, but then it’s like, how do you communicate that to somebody else to have them create that same level of excitement and passion? Once you can do that, then that’s going to allow you to connect with them and it’s not really like, “Okay, cool. It’s not really a sale.” It’s like, “Man, this person’s just so passionate and so loving what they’re doing, I just cannot wait to try it.”

Randall Grizzle:                  Right, and most people don’t have that. Like I said, it’s just lacking in most companies, that passion and that love. So that’s where I think, as long as you start from a place with love, right? Like, on that backend, and you know that whatever that service is that you’re providing is awesome, that’s … From there, we work backwards. We have the passion and then we also have the plan from the beginning and alignment with that backend. So what little steps are we going to take all the way from the beginning to position ourselves to where, when we’re going through the most important part on the backend, creating the relationships that are higher level, that everything’s in alignment.

I talk in the book, in my book that I have coming out, I talk a lot about Vince Lombardi. Well, not a lot, but I tell a story. Vince Lombardi, his main thing, and the reason why the Packers have been so good for so long, is because they started with the basics, with the fundamentals, with executing the basics the right way from the beginning. When he showed up in Green Bay, they were a horrible losing franchise, right? And they’ve been sold out every year since he showed up. That started with, “Gentlemen, this is a football,” right? “It’s made out of pigskin. There’s 11 guys on offense, there’s 11 guys on defense. There’s special teams,” right? Then from there, he said, “On offense we’re going to execute this one play, we’re going to do a 32 dive,” right? When every player on the team knows how to do that one play to the point where it’s unconsciously competent, everybody’s working together, all 11 people, every play, and that play’s only going to last a couple of seconds on average.

Josh Felber:        Right.

Randall Grizzle:                  So what we do to prepare before that play is probably going to be equally as important as what we do during that couple of seconds, right? This is lacking in most people’s business plan, this execution, and the tracking. Like, starting with the basics, the fundamentals right from the beginning and executing a game plan. Like, work backwards, “Tell me what you have that’s great and work that equation out to me. Help me understand how it works from start to finish, and then the holdups that you have,” because everybody’s going to have the different problems that they have with objections, the sticking points. Most of the time it’s the same things, like money and stuff like that. So it’s trying to figure out … You have to always be understanding how you’re able to get deals done that most people wouldn’t. Whether that’s with how you’re approaching the whole process, to the backend, how you’re financing the process with people.

Josh Felber:        Sure, that’s awesome. Definitely really cool how you have broken down that process so you can think about it and understand to be able to communicate with others, because obviously you have other people that you’ve trained and are working with you and everything. Can you stick around for a minute? We’ve got to take a quick break.

Randall Grizzle:                  Absolutely man.

Josh Felber:        Awesome. I am Josh Felber. You’re watching Making Bank, and we’ll be right back.

Welcome back to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber, where we’ve speaking with Randall Grizzle about sales and his process that he’s created to allow him to have a small team of sales people that still massively close the same amount of sales as a whole room full of people could. Through this process he’s created is having him and his team understand the passion and the value, and just really feel what the entrepreneur or the person is wanting to sell, and then they go out and then implement this strategy. So Randall, welcome back to Making Bank.

Randall Grizzle:                  Thanks man, glad to be here.

Josh Felber:        Cool. So tell me a little bit about day in and day out, do you have kind of like a morning routine, or some kind of process that you follow every day that keeps you being able to operate at such a high level of performance?

Randall Grizzle:                  Man, I’m going to talk for the rest of the time about this, man. You know I’m all excited. You know I’m all about the like … My whole thing with being a good closer and even being able to teach people how to be really good at asking folks to maybe do things they wouldn’t normally do, is how we feel, right? So, like yourself, I know when I first met you, I was like, I know Josh has got these things that are going to make my mind better. I like Josh, he knows about a lot of that.

So this stuff, I’ve been studying a lot of the bio-hacking stuff. So my daily routine, I wake up … I won’t get into my whole routine, but the main things that I’ve been focusing on is cold water therapy, breathing, [inaudible 00:16:22], breathing, hot yoga. I’ve done hot yoga, I think 24 out of the last 26 days, and that’s been a new thing that I implemented since the bio-hacking live event, but those things and then a couple of basic things like the apple cider vinegar. I don’t know, like they’re things that … These basic things that … I have a five minute journal. Like, I wasn’t journaling before this. Kind of what happened really is, I went out to Chicago and I learned a bunch of new things that I really liked, and so my daily routine now, we’ll just say it’s a little bit different than it was a couple of months ago, a month ago.

Josh Felber:        Okay, and then have you noticed a difference by adding these new things or changing it up some?

Randall Grizzle:                  No doubt, and that was kind of the direction I was going. Whenever I’m training people, and I just did these 10 interviews with awesome closers with the Grizzle Sizzle, and the thing that I noticed with all of these people, and I can’t wait to share these, but the thing that I noticed that all of them had in common is that they come from a place where they’re grounded. They come from a place where their true intent is to really help people, and that’s why I started out with that because that’s the most important thing, and to have that, you have to have a strong state for yourself. Like, for me to be able to work with put together people that are functioning at a very high level, I’ve got to be able to also function with those people because we buy from people that we know, and we like, and we trust. We know, and we like, and we trust people that have energy, that feel good.

We don’t trust people that don’t feel good. That’s not me telling … That’s like, just study another book, read other things, educate … I’m not going to try to explain to you why, but that’s the reality. You don’t trust somebody if they don’t feel good, it’s a weird thing, it’s hard to understand. So when I am training people, you’re going to learn about the process of how to sell and how to get these deals and stuff done, but more importantly it’s about the Closer’s Code. Like, how are you waking up and how are you living? What did you do, like you said, I would love to know what your routine is, Josh. I’d love to have you on my show and ask you those things really, because that, to me, is what separates the people that are achieving at a super high level and people that are here, but this gap’s actually a lot bigger than what it looks, right?

Josh Felber:        Right. Yeah, definitely. I know you were telling me a little bit about, when we’ve talked before, you kind of have this whole psychology of closing and your whole … I know we talked a little bit about the process a little bit earlier. So maybe what are three closing tips that you could share that our audience could take and start utilizing?

Randall Grizzle:                  Sure. So the first tip that I would give is eliminate whatever it is that you’re selling in your process as much as you can. That’s the first step. Don’t overthink or over analyze what you’re doing, because it’s really not going to end up being about what you’re doing, and I think that’s the biggest misconception that most people have with sales is they’re like, “I need to get really good at selling,” when I think that I would like them to get really good at knowing who they are personally so that they’re able to relate with the other folks on a level where they’re able to ask questions that other people wouldn’t ask about their personal life, about their real why. Like, let’s not talk about how awesome our services are because that’s not why people are going to buy, but that’s a misconception.

Most people, you know this, they get on and they say, “Tell me what you can do to help me,” right? And maybe the average sales guy says, “Okay, these are the different plans that we can do, man. Which one looks good to you?” Right? You have to always be in possession of that possession arrow. Oren Klaff, in his book, he calls it, you’re always in control of the frame, right? I think that would be the one tip.

The second tip would be whatever product or service that you’re selling, if you don’t believe in it, like what I was talking about, to the point where … Like, sell something else. That’s why these networking marketing things work so good and they say, “They’re drinking the juice.”

Josh Felber:        Right.

Randall Grizzle:                  Excuse me. Right? It’s because it’s undeniable when you’ve got some good juice, right? Whatever it is that’s making you feel good, that when your family and your friends … And I’m not a network marketer. Like, that’s not my space, but I’m just saying that that’s where sales start because when your family and your friends come over and you got the juice, holy cow, you look good, and you feel good, and your mind’s right. They’re like, “Oh man. I want the juice.” So that would be the thing, to get people to where they want the juice, you have to believe in it first yourself. So, that would be the second thing.

I think the third thing was when you have that juice is having a clear precise game plan from start to finish, like we talked about. We play … I like to use football for it. I like football, right? We understand that it’s not about how many plays that we run, let’s figure out one play. Like, what’s the play that we’re really good at that everybody on the team can execute? Because I think a lot of times, companies are focusing on the overall instead of writing on a whiteboard, “This is four or five steps that we’re going to take, and then we’re going to figure out how to have every guy execute along the way to make this one play work.”

Josh Felber:        Yeah, no, it definitely makes sense. I think those are three good actionable tips that definitely can take away and start utilizing for sure. So tell me a little bit about what you have going on right now. I know that you have a book that’s getting ready to come out pretty soon?

Randall Grizzle:                  Got a book that’s going to be going to publishing here any time, just waiting on a couple of last minute things with that. Should be looking, hopefully March we’ll have actual copies of the book, and maybe launch in March, around that time. Working with a publishing guy in Australia, so I’m going to go to Australia and launch it initially, and then really from there, right now I have some … And I always talk about this. I don’t work with a whole bunch of people. I have some main accounts, like you mentioned Russell, and I have a few other relationships with some really awesome people that I’m not … My main thing is focusing on what we’re doing with them. So I teach sales stuff, and I help some other folks with their sales, but that’s not my … My main focus is growing the companies that I’m working with right now. That’s really what I’ve been focusing on in my day to day, around my other routine important stuff that I’m doing, right?

Josh Felber:        Right. Well cool. What’s the name of the book?

Randall Grizzle:                  Closer Secrets.

Josh Felber:        Awesome.

Randall Grizzle:                  Closer Secrets, baby.

Josh Felber:        Closer Secrets.

Randall Grizzle:                  I can’t wait, man. I’m excited about it. I met my friend Darren Stevens when I went out to Australia with Russell this last summer, and ever since I met him, he helped me a lot with the stuff that we’re talking about, like with mind stuff, and belief, and a lot of this stuff. I remember having some conversations with him that I’ll never forget, and I remember him hypnotizing you actually, now that I think about it, yeah, yeah.

Josh Felber:        You’re right.

Randall Grizzle:                  Yeah, he hypnotized you in Santiago.

Josh Felber:        Yeah, Lee and I were there for that, for sure. So yeah, definitely yeah, Darren’s an awesome guy. Well cool. So what’s one piece of technology that you can’t live without?

Randall Grizzle:                  Zoom.

Josh Felber:        Zoom.

Randall Grizzle:                  Yeah, Zoom. If people aren’t using Zoom, start. It’s a tool that you’re one email away from having conversation at another level like you and I are right now. If you’re not creating a game plan with players and using these tools, for example Zoom, then you’re missing a big part of what people are doing that’s working because, like that technology, when you use that with some other creative things that we’re doing, the backend sales, it all works. It’s not a matter of like, “Yeah, if we could make this account work, that’d be great,” it’s not at all. It’s a matter of accountability a lot of times on the backend.

Like, you ask about technology, a lot of times one of the problems when people are doing the high ticket sales is whoever’s creating or buying the media for that process with that game plan, maybe the backend is saying, “That media isn’t targetable enough. Those people are all this,” or, “Those people are all that. It’s not the right target,” right? That’s the battle between the front end and the backend, but when you do things on the backend to bridge that gap, and you use these other tools that create the relationship at a higher level, it’s a little bit of difference that makes a big difference over the course of the year.

Josh Felber:        Yeah, no definitely, 100% agree. It’s those little millimeters that can make the biggest difference overall, so that’s awesome. Then where can people find out about you? Where do you want to direct them to?

Randall Grizzle:        , I’m going to be doing some live webinars there in a bit. Like, I was planning on … I was hoping to get them going before Christmas, but maybe it’ll be after the New Year. I don’t know, I’m not in a really big hurry with the webinars, but I’m going to be having some webinars, some live webinars, and I’m going to be teaching some really cool things. I’m going to be giving away some of the interviews. So I tell you, a bunch of people you know, Josh, right? You’re going to look at it and be like, “Hey, I know most of those people, a lot of them.”

Josh Felber:        That’s cool.

Randall Grizzle:                  It’s also a lot of the people that I have the most respect for, like as far as they get why people buy. I think they understand and they embrace the fact that they’re a closer, right? If you can’t look at me and tell me you’re a closer with your company. If you’re like, “I’m not really …” No, you are. You might think that you don’t … But you closed down a closer that’s closing your stuff then. So the whole thing is like, we’re all closing all the time, just embrace it. There’s no Dirty Harry down at the … There is. I shouldn’t say that. There is those guys, but that’s not the culture that we’re a part of. The culture that we’re a part of is working backwards doing things the right way, and having a product of service that people can’t afford not to have, right?

Josh Felber:        Yeah, definitely.

Randall Grizzle:                  How off track did I get there?

Josh Felber:        Yeah, but there was some good nuggets hiding right in there. Well, cool. Well, I want to just thank you for coming on today’s show, it was an honor to have you. Just really appreciate the insights and some different success strategies for selling and closing to help people get out there, take that next step. It’s not just about selling, selling, selling, it’s about, how can we create value? How can we help others? As well as believing so much in what we have, other people just feel it and want to have it as well. So, Randall, I really appreciate you coming on Making Bank today.

Randall Grizzle:                  Thanks for having me. Serious, Josh, I appreciate it, man.

Josh Felber:        Cool. I am Josh Felber. You’re watching Making Bank, where we uncover the success strategies of the top one percent. Get out and be extraordinary.