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From Homeless to Six Figures with Guest Liz Benny: MakingBank S2E22


Liz Benny

From Homeless to Six Figures with Guest Liz Benny: MakingBank S2E22

with Liz Benny

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Any entrepreneur can tell you about their moment.

The moment they looked in the mirror, and said to the exhausted face staring back at them, can I actually make it? Will I actually achieve the success I’m striving for or am I killing myself for nothing?

It is at this critical moment that we define ourselves as entrepreneurs.

It is at this critical moment that we tap into our inner-most belief—our unrelenting, unyielding belief in ourselves—to push through the pain, push past the doubt, and keep working towards our goal.

 As entrepreneurs, our deep, unspoken belief in ourselves is what guides us on a day to day basis. It’s what allows us to conduct business, and achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

No one knows this fact better than today’s guest on Making Bank, Liz Benny.

Early in her entrepreneurial career, Liz didn’t have a whole lot of self-belief. She had been homeless. Been defeated. And been discouraged about the future.

It wasn’t until Liz started tapping into her belief in herself—wasn’t until she started reminding herself that she could do anything—that she started making the strides that would lead her to where she is today.

And where is she?

Sitting at the head two businesses (Jinga Social and Social Monkey Business), generating seven-figures in revenue, and creating high-yielding online courses and digital resources that help other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve greatness in their own lives.

And while she still faces her fair share of entrepreneurial struggles on a daily basis, Liz continues to press forward, reminding herself with a little KAPOW-energy that she really does have the power to do anything she wants.

So tune-in to today’s episode to hear Liz Benny and host Josh Felber discuss the power of the positive mindset, and an array of other topics, including…

  • How to leverage passion to make life-altering change
  • Why fostering the RIGHT mindset is indispensable for your business
  • What you can do to effectively share the load and delegate tasks
  • Why accountability partners are essential for your growth as an entrepreneur
  • The difference between KNOWING and ACCEPTING yourself
  • How the entrepreneurial journey is defined by both the highs AND the lows

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Josh Felber:                          Welcome to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber, where we uncover the success strategies and the secrets of the top 1% so you can amplify your life and your business today. I’m really honored and excited for my next guest. She’s coming from all the way over in New Zealand, across the country, so it’s been tricky getting this booked but now we got it done so she’s from Christchurch, New Zealand where Lord of the Rings and Narnia were filmed, which is really cool. I remember Narnia when I was a little kid. She’s a true rag to riches story and has come through some crazy big challenges to get where she is today.

Liz’s true passion is helping others live incredible lives in very authentic ways and her big goal is to help over one billion people live a very authentic and happy life and it all starts with helping people have incredible incomes so they can have the freedom. Again, I’m excited to be introducing Liz to you all. She is high energy. She says kapow a lot and so this is going to get you excited and so this is going to be one of the best interviews that you’ve seen. Here she is. Let’s welcome Liz to Making Bank.

Liz Benny:                               Hey, kapow everyone. I’m super duper duper so incredibly excited to be here. Thank you so much Josh for letting me come along here. We’re going to have some fun tonight right?

Josh Felber:                          Heck yeah. It’s going to be a fun interview.

Liz Benny:                               Yay, cool.

Josh Felber:                          I guess, tell me a little bit about, I know when I first heard your story it was just so moving from where you have come from just to where you are today. So many people as entrepreneurs, maybe have not even thought about being an entrepreneur yet in their life have just, in similar situations as you were. Not sure how they can overcome those challenges and you’ve broken through those and just totally transformed your life and have some awesome kids and a wife and everything and I just want to hear all about it. Tell us a little bit about your background. How you got through all this.

Liz Benny:                               Cool. Awesome. Well, I think that a lot of people would be honestly amazed to look at where I came from and to look at what I’ve managed to achieve. It’s absolutely massive. But what I mean by that and my beautiful wife Christi and I were talking about this a little while ago, we’re like, “Man, Americans in particular, they have no idea how lucky they are,” because life seems easy for Americans. You’re standard of living is higher. Life in New Zealand, for us a couple of years ago was a little bit hard. Now New Zealand’s stunning. It’s beautiful. We do have really nice houses and all that sort of good stuff too but having gone from literally nothing, like I started my very first company from an idea in my head and a computer and a desire to get out of what I was in.

Get out of the situation I was in. Get out of the relationship that I was in. My gut was screaming at me going, “Get out, get out, you’re made for bigger things. Go, go.” And I’m like, “I can’t. I’m scared.” But sometimes in life you just have to run and you have to do it. I think, I remember the amazing Russell Brunson actually came over for Boise, Idaho and he stood in my old house, like the house that I had when I gave him $25,000 to help coach me to success and all that sort of good stuff.

And he said to me, “Liz, where you living in this house when you sent me $25,000?” I went, “Yeah.” And he goes, “Really?” And I went, “Yeah.” He goes, and how much was that in New Zealand dollars?” I said, “Oh, it was about $32,000,” and he went, “Huh”, like really? And I went, “Yeah, dude.” He goes, “I wouldn’t have let you send me that money if I had known where you were living.” I’m like, “I know, but I wanted my life to change.”

For me I actually had reached a point where I was like, “I must change,” and what I created for myself was like, you know the lead or gold dude? Have you heard of lead or gold? Like you either take the lead or the gold?

Josh Felber:                          I have but I don’t know if our audience has.

Liz Benny:                               Okay, cool, so lead or gold, well my version of that was carrot or the stick. Like I looked at Christi wearing her thermal underwear and her puffer jacket inside and shivering and I started imagining her at the age of 50 and the age of 60 and poor and miserable and with windows that have mold growing on them. I started imaging that and I’m like,”You know what, I can’t do that.” She deserves a better life, my kids deserve a better life, and I just was like, “Cool, okay, cool. There’s the stick, where’s the carrot?” I was like, “Oh, there’s the carrot,” and I started imagining her in our new kitchen baking. She loves cooking. That’s kind of the story. That’s what I focused on to get here.

Josh Felber:                          That’s awesome. I know, I mean tell us a little about it, I guess what are some of those challenges? I remember hearing your story when we were at one of the events and it was pretty moving.

Liz Benny:                               Got it. About a year ago now, for everyone that’s watching this right here right now, you’re like, “Okay, cook Liz. You just spoke a whole lot of crap at us.” Like, [inaudible 00:06:25] story. I started out being an entrepreneur a little while ago, like four, five years ago. Started up a business that I struggled in my very first year. My $25,000 and that was enough to basically do nothing, literally do nothing. I had then partner and two beautiful kids relying on me and it was all sitting on my shoulders. Then, I got to the point in that business where I finally found success in that business, it was great, but there was no leverage. There was no way out. I couldn’t get out.

We were still living in a crappy house. We were making a little bit more money. We had enough for little luxuries but not enough to be really affluent. Not enough to go on holidays and do the stuff that I really wanted to do. That’s when I was like, “I need to create a course. I need to create something and find leverage in my life. Leverage that I can do something once and then sell over and over and over again.” That’s what I did. I turned my knowledge from Jinga Social, my social media management company here in Christchurch, and I turned it into a course.

Now, you see me smiling with that. Like that’s the good part of it. The bad part is that I created all of that during Christi’s mum recently passed away, a year ago now from cancer and it still hurts to this day. And we’re about to go live next week with that story again so I’ve kind of got to breathe deeply for that run again to be able to tell that story again. But, the rags to riches story was created in amongst all this turmoil.

Christi’s mum passed away. She was in hospital. I literally created my course from the hospital bedside where Christi was lying there with this chronic form of pneumonia. We had no idea what was going on. We were homeless at that stage as well. I was getting up at 4:00 in the morning, busting ass as much as humanly possible, taking the kids to school, picking them up, taking them to hospital to see Mummy, back, drop the kids off. Feed the kids. Maybe drop them off at their dad’s if it was their dad’s night. I was like kid juggling, business juggling, wife juggling. It was not fun.

Josh Felber:                          It was like the circus.

Liz Benny:                               Sorry, say that one more time. I kind of lost you.

Josh Felber:                          Are you still there?

Liz Benny:                               I am. I am. You said something about, were you laughing at the words that just went by?

Josh Felber:                          No, I was saying it’s almost like the circus. You were like in a, just back and forth.

Liz Benny:                               It totally was. I was actually thinking about it today. I was in this pattern of, “When is this going to end? When am I just going to finally going to be able to go, I made it, I actually make it.” Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          Tell me a little about, what made you reach out and connect with obviously Russell as a mentor or coach? You’re struggling through all of this and like you said, the investment’s $25,000 U.S., $32,000 New Zealand. What made that transition where you were like, “I just got to have this?”

Liz Benny:                               It was honestly, it felt like for me at that point in time, and I’ve changed a lot since then, but at that point in time it was like, “This must work. This is my last hope here.” And, I think sometimes when you get to that point where it becomes the absolute must … I have the utmost love and respect for Russell, like absolute utmost love and respect for him and I speak incredibly high of him wherever I go. It was just a huge impetus for change.

Now, I busted ass. It’s not like he was like, “Here Liz, here’s a million dollars.” We actually had a really cool conversation about it a little while ago. He was walking around here jumping on my trampoline and he goes, “You made it.” And I went, “Yeah.” And he goes, “I’m proud of you.” I said, “Thank you.” And he goes, “No, thank you. You did it.” I was like, “Hmm.” Like, a good coach is always going to be there for you but you’ve got to pull out all stops. Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          Definitely. I want to dive a little bit deeper and then start to dive into a little bit more about what you’re doing now and how the generating a million dollars with your initial business and everything. Can you stick around for a minute? We’ve got to take a quick break.

Liz Benny:                               Yeah, sure.

Josh Felber:                          Awesome. I am Josh Felber. You’re watching Making Bank and we’ll be right back.

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Josh Felber:                          Welcome back to Making Bank. I am Josh Felber and we’ve had the honor so far to start to learn about Liz Benny and her story from rags to riches and it’s truly a rags to riches story. From homeless with her kids and her partner to a family member passing away. And all along she is just driving to build her business and build her dreams. To really make things happen and change the life for her family. The great thing is Liz has made such a transformation and I want to welcome you back to the show.

Liz Benny:                               Hi, [inaudible 00:12:42] kapow again and I’m back.

Josh Felber:                          Kapow it is. I know you’ve had some phenomenal success with that business. You guys I think did over a million dollars on that and I mean when you actually did that, how did you feel? Was it …

Liz Benny:                               Do you want to know the truth?

Josh Felber:                          Sure.

Liz Benny:                               I’m the girl that, I’m the girl that doesn’t even know how to get into my bank. I’m like, “I don’t know what’s in there.” I literally do not know how much money’s in the bank. Sometimes I have to say to Christi, “What’s my password?” Then she’ll tell me the password. I’m not going to say it live on camera.

Josh Felber:                          Facebook.

Liz Benny:                               Seriously, I’m not that girl, like, I’m not that girl. Funny story along those lines is that not long ago, I was marketing Social Monkey Business really really heavily and it got to the point where I was about to jump on a plane over to San Diego, speak live on stage there, and in my business there was a little bit too much going on. I went, “Oh, just shut off the traffic for Social Monkey Business.” Now, I’ve just created the Kapow Course, I’m going live with Kapow Course and as part of Kapow Course what I’ve done is I’ve literally done the whole system. Systemized the whole course creation, the really cool Kapow way to do it.

The funny thing was Josh is that I went back over some of my old stats and I went, “What the hell?” I was making so much money. Why did I turn off my traffic? I was putting dollars in the Facebook machine from an advertising standpoint and crap tons was coming out the other side and [inaudible 00:14:22]. Anyway, the really cool thing is that learning lesson there, the lesson that I learned is actually in the Kapow Course as well because you have to, sometimes you have to watch your statistics.

You asked me specifically how did it feel? I’ll be really honest. I’m a perfectionist. I don’t really … I’ve always … I feel small right now compared to where I’m going, I’ll be really really honest. I know a lot of people look and think, “Oh, wow,” and I used to think that I would look at that and go, “Wow,” as well, but I’m like, “Cool. Now I can do that. Now what else can I do?” What it’s done for me is the internal belief that if I can do that, I can do anything. Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          Sure. I think that’s, I was in that position when I was 25 and it was, it happens and you’re like, “Okay, cool. What’s my next thing?” I think as entrepreneurs we tend to, where I’m an A type personality as I know you are, it’s like, “Okay, this is that next thing. How can I drive that next goal? How can I drive to make that next dream and that next thing happen?” Some people are like, “Okay cool, I got it,” and you’re moving on or you probably kapowed it and you’re moving on.

Liz Benny:                               I like to say I kapowed the ever living crap out of stuff.

Josh Felber:                          Yeah. Tell me a little bit about, with your Social Media Monkey, that was your course that generated a million dollars right?

Liz Benny:                               Uh huh.

Josh Felber:                          What were some of the challenges as you were trying to make that work? I know it wasn’t just turn it on and all of a sudden instantly the traffic worked and the webinars worked and everything else. Give us a little bit of insight of what some of those you went through and how you overcame those.

Liz Benny:                               Cool. Brilliant question. Some of the major things that came up was I really wanted to have a system that was fully integrated. Like, I was like, “Cool. It’s got to be easy.” Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Let’s plug this in here, that works. Every time I plugged something in it would break. I’m like, “This is cool.” For me it was about finding that and creating that refined system and knowing where to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. It was the detail side that I just really truly had to learn because I’m a very details oriented person. I’m very anal retentive when it comes to that. I get the integration so I know way too much about way too many things.

For me part of the challenge was actually not needing to know all the details but yet still having a system where things would just work. I’m like, “Okay, are they going to work? Yes, they’re going to work.” That was kind of one of the challenges. ClickFunnels came along and I was going through the beta version of ClickFunnels which was a little bit like, it was a little bit sore for my eyes at times. I’m like, “Why?” But then it would work and then it wouldn’t. It was actually quite frustrating at times to go through the beta version but I’m really grateful now to have gone through the beta version because it’s just a beautiful piece of software now.

That was, the software side of stuff wasn’t easy but to be honest with you, it was learning the game. When you’re an online marketer, especially being a female and cracking through into intro market, which is heavily dominate with these big gorilla men who are all successful making there gazillions and I’m like little Miss Benny. I had this thing going on, Little Miss Benny, I’m Little Miss Benny, I’m Little, and I’m like you know what, I’m Kapow Miss Benny, let’s go. But I’m still Little Miss Benny. It was that internal conflict between wanting to massively make a difference in the world but yet still having the internal struggle of will this work for me?

Josh Felber:                          Right.

Liz Benny:                               Will this actually work? Can I actually do this? All those other people over there have made it happen but can I actually do this? I’m a little farm girl from New Zealand. I broke my collar bone on the motorbike on the farm when I was a kid. Those stories of that crap. Some of the struggles, some of the other struggles due to working and working and working and working and working for months and months and months and finally getting to the point where I’m ready to launch and having people register for my webinar and this many people show up.

Josh Felber:                          Oh, yeah. I’ve been there.

Liz Benny:                               And that one from San Diego? You sitting there going, “I have put my whole life into this. I’ve turned off the eat what you kill type clients from my Jinga Social.” I wasn’t bringing in the easy money from Jinga Social so that was going down. I was like, “Okay, cool.” I had to cut down on the income because I couldn’t afford the time in order to do the thing that would provide me the leverage. It was the internal struggle there financially of, “Oh my gosh. Which one. Is this going to work? I can always go back to that but I really want this to work.” And it worked, eventually.

Josh Felber:                          It worked eventually. Obviously you had that battle and it was the whole mindset. How do I transform that mindset to move me towards that path to success. What did you do to push through or push past that?

Liz Benny:                               I got to know who I was and how do I need information. I’m a firm believer that we all have struggles, we all have mindset stuff that we need to get through but it’s not until we understand who we truly are as people. I started to fall in love with the fact that I’m dyslexic and I see things on a completely different level to some people and I’m like, “Oh, you know what, Albert Einstein. Right, you’re my dude.” I started to see all these successful people and I started to go, “Oh my gosh, they’re not dumb, I’m not dumb.” I started to see my curses as real assets into the business.

I started to get to know who I was and that helped me go, “Oh, well you know what, I don’t flow over there. It’s okay. That’s not my place to flow. This is my place to flow here. Can someone else pick up that stuff for me please?” Yeah, it was kind of cool. I’m still going through that struggle now where I’m getting of less and less, started giving jobs that I don’t want anymore to other people.

Josh Felber:                          I think that’s a big thing is, entrepreneurs especially, is we tend to start to take on so many different roles in our businesses and then as we grow we tend to hold onto those because we don’t know how to give them up. Or it’s a control issue.

Liz Benny:                               Sorry. Sorry. This person here is still trying to get rid of some of the jobs that she shouldn’t be doing right now. She’s still got a finger pointing right at her. There are certain things that only I can do and it’s the Liz being Kapow thing because nobody else can take and be me. I’m progressively getting stuff off my plate at the moment, yeah.

Josh Felber:                          And so obviously the launch was successful you said. And you got to, one of your big dreams you had was to move into a new house right? Tell us a little about that and how you made that happen.

Liz Benny:                               This is actually really cool. It’s actually a really cool story that I want to tell people. I think you probably know a little bit of the story so we moved from a house with no bricks, like literally no bricks on the outside. It was literally going down a hill. It was post earthquake. We have massive earthquakes here in Christchurch. It was $325 per week for this house and literally before that all I’d paid, the maximum that I’d paid was ever $170 per week so all of a sudden I was responsible for all these people. I’m thinking, “Oh, like how can I do this?” That was way back there. And then we moved into this intermediary house and we called it the SGB. Am I allowed to wear on this show?

Josh Felber:                          You’re good.

Liz Benny:                               I’m good. I’m allowed to?

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, you’re good.

Liz Benny:                               Okay, good. We called it the SGB, which stands for the Shitty Green Bungalow. It was gross. It was really really gross but it was our intermediary house that, where we just kept saving and we kept saving and we kept saving. All the income that came in from webinars and stuff that we didn’t need we just kept like squirreling it, squirreling it, squirreling it. It was really cool. Then we finally got to the point where we bought our new house and we hadn’t told our girls and it was so cool, I want to tell you this story, it was so cool because we were sitting around the dinner table that night after Christi and I had signed the papers and I said to our two beautiful girls, I said, “What would it mean if we finally got that house?”

Emily, our oldest one, she said, “It would mean that we had achieved something.” She didn’t say me. She said we. She said the family. It would mean that we’d achieved something. So all the hardships we’d gone through, we talked, we talked about money, we talked about tax, we talked about investments all the way. They were part of that. I really, I’m that type of mum. I really want the kids to understand tax and compounding interest and all that sort of good stuff so that they have the knowledge to take with them and do whatever they want to do with it.

Anyway, she said it’s mean we finally achieved something. What we did the next day is we picked them up from school and we were going to come to this house, the one I’m currently in right now, we were going to come to this house for one last look to see if we wanted to buy it, having already purchased it. One last look. But what Christi had done is she got the real estate agent to put sold on the sign at the front. This big sold sign. The whole way here we were like, “Oh, I wonder what it’s going to be like.” I’m building their hopes up and up and up and up. And then we drove up to it and Emily goes, “Sold.” And then little Claire goes, “Oh,” and she goes, “We were wishing on this house and now it does the opposite.”

And we were like, “Uh oh.” We needed to crack the news out to them really quickly. And anyway we told them that it was our house and they were like, “Ya who,” and they did cartwheels on the driveway. It was really incredible. The bad part of it though Josh, just to be completely honest is that I moved into this house alone because Christi’s mum passed away and the day that she passed away was the day, it was life turns to a little bit of custard so it was amazing but also over sucked at the same time. We’ve taken a year to just enjoy.

Josh Felber:                          Suck it all in.

Liz Benny:                               Yeah, suck it all in. Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          Tell us a little about, I know have your new course you were mentioning, your Kapow Course. How is that different? What is the focus of it and what are you trying to do with that?

Liz Benny:                               Yeah, cool. Here’s the deal is that because I’m so anal retentive and detail oriented I literally know every single step right here, right now and I proved it with my recent launch of Instant Social Secrets. Which we did six figures in the first little bit, like in the launch phase of that. Like an easy six figures turned over so that was really cool. What that allowed me to do, having on Social Monkey Business and Instant Social Secrets is I literally know every single step. Every single step. Every single step.

It’s like you’ve got an idea, great, cool, let’s put it into a course. For me that whole process is very very very seamless and easy now. Anyway, I decided look, I need to go out there and help other people. My big goal right actually doesn’t really feel like a big goal. My goal right now is to help ten people take their idea out of their head and do the mill. Do their first mill like me and then the step down kind of goal from that is to help 100 people at least make it to the six figures. That’s my big goal and Kapow Course is literally the A to Z, without all the crap, without all the bells and whistles that you don’t need, the systemized step by step by step how to take the idea out of your head, launch it and be successful. I’m launching it this week so I’m super fired up.

Josh Felber:                          That’s awesome.

Liz Benny:                               Yeah dude.

Josh Felber:                          That’s got to be really exciting. I know that’s something that you’ve working towards and building so it’s finally coming to happen so that’s awesome.

Liz Benny:                               It’s actually really cool because part of how I’m selling this course and it’s proving that because I’ve done it literally all myself in one month, I’ve created two courses in one month from branding through to fruition with the webinars and with the sales models, with absolutely everything and I even edited all the videos myself. Not because you should do it all yourself but to prove that you can and to prove that one person … It’s to obliterate any excuses that a person might have. “Oh, it’s too hard.” “No, it’s not, I did it. Here I’ll who you how.” “Oh, but I don’t know how to do this.” “I’ll show you how to do that too.”

Josh Felber:                          Nice. That’s awesome.

Liz Benny:                               I’m pretty excited. People get to leverage my team as well so it’s not like they’re going, “Here, here’s the course. Now go out and do it.” No, leverage my team, leverage the community, let’s go. I’m super excited.

Josh Felber:                          That’s really cool. I’ll be exciting to watch that and see how everything goes for you for sure. Give us maybe three or four success strategies that we can leave our audience with.

Liz Benny:                               Okay, cool. The very first one you must do, I’m going to look straight in the camera right now, the very first thing you must do is have a really high level A game accountability partner. I have one right here, right now, and it’s like, bam, what are you going to do today, bam, what are you going to do today, bam, what are you going to do today? And what it forces you to do when you have an A game accountability partner is that it forces you to think of the stuff that is actually going to make you money in business as opposed to cost you time.

If it’s costing you time it’s actually costing you money. We’ve done lots of sales figures out to actually work out what the ROI of being dumb is and what the ROI … And by being dumb I mean is spending your time [inaudible 00:28:46] and then the ROI of being really strategic with your time, seriously we’ve come up with some seriously cool equations so find yourself an accountability partner, a high level accountability partner who ideally is better at stuff then you in certain areas. That’s the number one thing there.

Number two is I really want to make sure, and this is so important, so important and I know that you’re going to understand this one too Josh is that life’s not all about … This thing called business is not all about money. Please make sure that you don’t sit there and go, “Money, money, money, how much money am I making? How much money am I making,” because your relationships are going to go to shit. You’re health is going to go to shit. Ultimately your wealth will probably deteriorate as well because you took, you didn’t take a very holistic approach to it.

Now, there are going to be times where you have to be at a balance. Where you have to go, go, go, go, go. Awesome. Make sure you focus on your health and your relationships during those periods of times or else I promise you right here right now you will regret it. The third thing is get your ass on social media and get out there as humanly possible and brand yourself as a guru in whatever area you are in. Just have the courage to put your face out there and then do it again and then do it again and then be consistent with pushing yourself out there on social media and don’t care what your mother says to you.

If your mother says, “Oh, I didn’t like that video of you,” Thank you for the feedback mum, block. You don’t have to block, but just … I might have actually blocked my mother at one stage. Mom I can’t do your feedback right now. Okay, I’ll let you back in.

Josh Felber:                          Take a break.

Liz Benny:                               Yeah. That’s it.

Josh Felber:                          Awesome. No, that’s great. I mean, I think having an accountability partner is super important. A lot of times they’re the ones that give us that feedback that we miss, that we don’t see, that we’re not able to catch. That’s a big one. Definitely it’s not about the money. It’s obviously what the money creates, what it can do for you but not hey, I’m doing this just to make money. I’m doing this to create value and help other people. For sure. Obviously I agree with you. We all need to be online. Especially now with the way technology allows us to do that and the ease of use that it allows us to be so for sure. Tell me a little bit, what’s one technology that you can’t live without?

Liz Benny:                               Oh, good question. I think it would have to be this. I think it would have to be that. Yeah. I think it would have to be the iPhone because for me, I love my computer, I love it but the iPhone just allows me to get the message out there really, really, really quickly in one easy, one easy tiny box. Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          Well, you got a couple minutes left. Maybe one last thing to leave with our audience that you just want them to really remember.

Liz Benny:                               Okay, so here’s the deal. When I went over, I recently came back from America. I went over to Boise, Idaho. It was absolutely amazing. Well, Idaho’s Idaho and it was still beautiful. It was absolutely amazing. I went to Boise and I went to this mastermind where a lot of people were like, “Oh my gosh. You’re Liz Benny.” And I’m like, “Yeah, I’m Liz Benny.” And they were like, “No, you’re Liz Benny.” And I’m like, “Yeah, I get it dude. I’m Liz Benny. I’ve been Liz Benny for quite a while.” Here’s the thing is that often in life we put people up here on a pedestal and we put ourselves down here.

One thing, one big secret that I want to say to you right here right now is that I bet you that the people that you’re putting up on a pedestal, I bet they don’t have their stuff together in the way that you think you might be idolizing them. I’m having all these people, “Oh, Liz Benny, oh, Liz Benny, Liz Benny, Liz Benny.” Now, do I have all my stuff together? Not all the time, no. What I actually want to say is that the people that you’re idolizing, make sure you don’t idolizing them to the detriment of what you’re actually talking and saying about yourself.

Oh, you know this person is this. Oh, you this person is this. Because behind the scenes in that person’s life often it’s not what you actually are idolizing them for. Does that make sense?

Josh Felber:                          Sure. No, definitely and I think that definitely makes sense because everybody has their challenges and their differences in their life and everything. Just because they’ve done well in a certain area or field or industry doesn’t keep them at a different level than you. It doesn’t put them higher than you or however people see it sometimes.

Liz Benny:                               Exactly and along those lines is don’t judge your, what is it, don’t judge your backstage relative to what someone else’s front stage is doing. You know you can go to my websites and all that sort of stuff. I have hard days. I have days where I’m like, “Oh my gosh this is a struggle.” Because always see this, “Hey,” and “Kapow, it’s Liz Benny,” duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, but I actually do show people the other stuff as well. It’s just that I find a lot of people just want to see the good and I’m like, no, no, no, you know what, I’m going to show you the full journey here.

That’s actually part of what I’m doing this week is peeling back the onion layers and showing people, “All right cool. You want to be successful? Great, cool. Now I’ll show you what I actually went through and now I’m going to how you how you can go through it without as much pain as I went through.”

Josh Felber:                          Yeah, cool. Where can we find all about you and the course and everything else?

Liz Benny:                               Well depends. If people want to, there’s lots of different ways that people can Kapow with me. If they want to hang out on Facebook that’s cool, we can hang out on Facebook but if you want to cruise across to, or if you want to create a Kapow course go through to We’re going to rock it out over there.

Josh Felber:                          Cool. And we have the link right here as well so people will be able to click on it and bounce right over to you.

Liz Benny:                               Yeah. That’s so cool. Thank you so much Josh. This is really really cool.

Josh Felber:                          No, it was an honor to have you on the show today. I appreciate your time and sharing your story and what you went through and I know there’s some awesome really good nuggets in here that people should be able to take from this and apply to their own life as well.

Liz Benny:                               Yeah, that’s so cool. Seriously I appreciate your time like you wouldn’t believe and everyone watching this I want to say that I really genuinely appreciate your time too. Like you could be doing anything you want right now but you’re listening to this crazy girl from Christchurch, New Zealand and the land of the Hobbits so I appreciate you all.

Josh Felber:                          It’s nighttime in the U.S.

Liz Benny:                               Yeah.

Josh Felber:                          Cool. I am Josh Felber. You are watching Making Bank where we uncover the success the strategies and the secrets of the top 1% so get out and be extraordinary.

Liz Benny