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How To Be High Performing

with Randy Garn



In this episode of the Making Bank podcast, we welcome serial entrepreneur, partner at High Performance Institute, and New York Times bestselling author Randy Garn. Randy has been passionate about helping CEOs, companies, and experts grow and become high performers. He has founded or partnered with numerous companies such as Prosper, Hero Partners, Education Success Inc, High Performance Institute, and many others. Today Randy specializes in guiding leaders through personal and professional transformation.

On the podcast, Randy talks about business strategies and models that you can implement to take your business to the next level. Randy also explains the importance of people and what you can do to optimize the performance of your employees.

Listen to Josh and Randy discuss high performance:

(3:48) How Did Randy Get Started
Randy talks about how his dad used to pay him to help out on their cattle ranch. Randy says that while growing up, it was through getting paid for helping out that he was able to get the things he wanted. He grew up with six other kids and developed the mentality of not wanting to be a burden to his family. So through his desire to be self-sufficient, he learned how to create his own income.

(9:56) Driving Value
To Randy, people are the most important. He doesn’t believe in being a solo entrepreneur; instead, he believes in growing people. When hiring people for his business, he picks people who can drive the maximum amount of value. At the end of the day, no matter their position, your employees are hired with the sole purpose of driving value, revenue, and profits for your business.

(15:29) Working With Your Best Friends
Randy talks about always trying to hire his best friends and explains that he can do that because there’s clarity. When you’re working with friends or family, an essential part is having clarity about each other — knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and the value they bring. Another important thing is writing things down so that you can avoid misunderstandings. When something is in writing, it leaves no room for dispute. So if ideas or plans change, make sure you’re always writing them down.

(18:45) The Biggest Challenge
According to Randy, the biggest challenge for people is not learning. As entrepreneurs, one of the most crucial practices is continually learning. Things are constantly evolving and changing, and we must be ready for that. Continually learning is vital so that you can innovate and come up with new ideas. The need to be able to innovate constantly is so that you won’t get left behind when change comes.

(24:25) Creating Culture and Making Your Company Thrive
Randy explains that the most important aspect of your company is the people. You create culture through your employees; thriving as a company depends on their performance. It goes back to value — are you hiring high performers? Your team needs to be committed to excellence in order to thrive. Make sure you’re hiring the right people for the job, not only in terms of the technical skill or service they provide but also their mentality and attitude.

(29:07) A Good CEO Focuses On…
Throughout this episode, Randy has emphasized the importance of people. That’s why he says a good CEO always focuses on bettering their team. A good CEO is concerned about their team’s wellbeing. You want to be able to support your team whenever you can — always cheer for your team. A good CEO focuses on enabling his team to win. By caring about your team’s wellbeing and growth, you’re giving them a reason to feel valued and accepted. Your team is the backbone of your success, so it’s vital to focus on their growth and improvement.

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