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Scars And Stripes

with Tim Kennedy



On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Tim Kennedy discusses his career in the military, the UFC, and Socratic education. Tim saw with his own kids how every child learns differently and set out to create an education that reflected that. His school, Apogee, seeks to help every child fulfill their potential.

Tim also chats about his time in the UFC fighting, as well as in Special Forces. He covers what inspired him to join the military and the lessons he now applies to his businesses. Listen to the episode to hear more about Apogee’s education model, boxing victories, and war stories.

Tim has also written a book titled Scars And Stripes that shares Tim’s story and the lessons he learned from his experiences. Tim is a Decorated Green Beret sniper, UFC headliner and a businessman who started two multimillion dollar companies. The book describes his failures and how he was able to learn from and embrace his failure to become the man he is today. The book is currently available for pre-order and will be released on June 7th.

Listen to Josh and Tim talk about the lessons Tim learned:

New Adventures (1:33)
Tim discusses the lessons he’s learned on pivoting from the military, as well as this past year—and is applying them to his entrepreneurship. He is launching 12 new companies, including a school.

Apogee: An Acton Academy (3:04)
Tim’s venture that he’s most proud of is his school Apogee. Having been homeschooled himself, Tim understands and follows the model that parents should facilitate the education of their children.

A Socratic School (8:45)
Tim explains how at Apogee, the students—otherwise known as “heroes”—are active participants in their own learning. They are the ones leading the classroom discussions and activities and with the guidance of the teachers, the students discover the answers themselves. When accepting heroes into their studios, Apogee looks for parents and children who are both willing to try this new approach.

Different Learning Styles for Different Children (11:22)
No two children learn the same way. Tim’s seen it in his own children, and he’s seen it in the heroes at Apogee. Traditional schooling follows certain agendas—whether that be the teacher’s, the school’s, or the governments. At Apogee, the focus is on the children.

How Tim Manages Multiple Companies (14:36)
When it comes to managing multiple companies, Tim hires the right people and then allows them to do their jobs properly, without being micromanaged. Tim also follows a military approach that emphasizes training, as well as organization.

People, Purpose, and Plan (17:41)
Tim first makes sure that the person he’s looking to hire has the right attitude and culture to fit well into the organization. Next, he looks to see if his purpose aligns with their purpose. Finally, he looks to see what their plan is, how they will execute it, and if they even planned in the first place.

Discipline (22:49)
Without discipline, there is no success. For Tim, discipline is commitment to a plan that is executed in 30-minute blocks. If you have a plan, even when life gets in the way, you can go back to the plan. Tim also touches on how discipline can not only help your business but also your family life.

Tim’s Background (28:14)
For those who don’t know, Tim shares his background of homeschooling, sports, martial arts and more. After a career in UFC and watching 9/11 unfold, Tim joined the military and became a Green Beret.

The Camera’s Focus (37:11)
Zooming out, Tim and Josh discuss Special Forces and the state of the US right now.

Lessons from the Special Forces (46:46)
Tim explains the key lessons he’s learned from the Special Forces that he now implements in his businesses. He values qualities like communication, and more.

The UFC (49:37)
Tim talks about his time at the UFC and what he would’ve done differently.

Stopping Poverty Stops Trafficking (55:04)
Before the episode wraps up, Tim touches on SERE school, as well as ways you can help stop crimes such as drug and sex trafficking. He encourages those who can to open community centers, gyms, programs and more. If we can prevent poverty, then we can prevent other crimes as well.

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