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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Clint Arthur, Anthony Trucks, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Alex Charfen, Ilan Ferdman, John Lee Dumas and Dean Graziosi and in this episode you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(2:23) Clint Arthur
The easiest place to book yourself on TV is in your own hometown; however do not go on a show unless you have the right experience. The downside of shows in your hometown, is you are only called again if you are good. So do not go unless you’re ready. Create a little media tour and start booking yourself on small TV shows in little cities all around the country so that you can get experience and learn how to be good on TV before you start going on in bigger shows.

(7:05) Anthony Trucks
Trust your hustle. You can’t have anything of great wealth or anything worth to your life without hustling. No one’s going to come up and give you anything for free. You have to hustle but also remember that it doesn’t simply mean spinning your wheels. It means being smart about how you hustle. It means being smart about what you’re hustling with.

(12:22) Jeffrey Hayzlett
The best piece of advice is to truly sit down and listen. Great leaders listen and they hear things that most other people don’t hear. As a result they’re very pinpointed when they hear things and they can become really focused. They tend to know exactly what to do next. Therefore, always remember to shut up and listen. No one has all the answers.

(16:47) Alex Charfen
Our whole lives we were told to sit, stop, shut up, don’t talk, sit still, quit being a behavioral disorder. Don’t be oversmart, don’t talk so much, over and over again. Which is important, however we lose the part of our personality that finds wonder in the world. So, if you want to move forward, make sure it’s still your dream because if it is, you’re going to do it anyway regardless of what someone says.

(21:45) Ilan Ferdman
There is this point in our careers where we gain the stability or maybe just the awareness level where we can say, “Where do we actually want to go?” And it is the most over leveraged and vulnerable feeling you can have. But that self actualization for an entrepreneur is the most important part of your career. It is that moment you start deciding where to go, because your life isn’t about any destination. It’s about making a vision. So go ahead. Chase it forever.

(25:44) John Lee Dumas
Most successful people in this world have gone through significantly difficult times that hardened them, made them stronger, created them into what we see today. We need to realize that when those moments in our lives happen, we have to get creative. We have to use any means necessary to get better and stay determined and then we will soon see the massive benefit to have gone through that period of life.

(31:36) Dean Graziosi
Learn to say no. Most of us got to where we are by saying yes to everything but you can only go to the next level by saying no. The yes got you out of Egypt but the No takes you to the promised land. Look through your list today and decide what you can say no to and only say yes to those things that live inside your unique ability. They are going to take you the furthest.