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The Success Guide: Insights From Leading Female Entrepreneurs

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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Liz Benny, Sally Hogshead, Shannon Miles, Lisa Sasevich, Bonnie Fahy, Diana House and Marisa Murgatroyd and in this episode you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about the guide to success.

(2:21) Liz Benny
Learn to get to know who you are as a person. Turn your curses into something that you can profit from. Understand where your strengths lie and where your weaknesses are. Learn to allow yourself some help in areas you are not good at. Give the job to someone who is good in the field and have an accountability partner who is going to check up on you at all times.

(6:32) Sally Hogshead
High performers deliver a very specific benefit. Some may be detail oriented and they will hone in on details and they will look for clients and projects so they can overdeliver in details. Most people have this misconception that entrepreneurs are geniuses or prodigies but truth be told, it’s just that they are very detail oriented, hard working and they go the extra mile to do something and that is what separates them from most.

(9:40) Shannon Miles
Working from home has been proven to be the new norm. However, it brings its own set of challenges. When you work from home, you have to be strict with your schedules. You need to track down your hours of work. You need to communicate and be able to keep progress up regardless of working from the comfort of your home. It becomes even more important to know the productivity of your employees.

(11:17) Lisa Sasevich
Inspire your client to make a decision. Whatever that is that you do, make sure you have a good sales conversion machine. If you don’t have a system to offer that difference, you are doing all the hard work for no reason. You won’t see any rewards. Reverse engineer to lead to your offer and always make sure it is an irresistible offer that your clients cannot say no to.

(14:45) Bonnie Fahy
The bottom line is if you outsource the wrong thing in your business you will not make any money. There is no use in doing something that does not lead anywhere. Have a little software that asks what you are doing every minute. How are you spending your time, daily? Learn to identify what are the things in your business that are helping you make more money. Those are the things you do not want to outsource. If you say yes to everything it will overwhelm you and eventually lead to burnout.

(20:27) Diana House
If you want to be a lifetime entrepreneur you need to master the language of finance. You have to really be on top of all your finances. Finance is the language of entrepreneurship and you need to learn how to master it. Many people spend so much time trying to find new and innovative ways to improve their business and then they leave their finances to the bare minimum. This is the wrong way to live an entrepreneurial life.

(24:43) Marisa Murgatroyd
Many people spend years of their lives empowering others with the promise of a steady check. Which is not a bad thing however if you are going to spend your life doing this, why not spend an extra hour or so thinking about what you can do yourself where people can pay you for your services. So it becomes utterly important to learn to identify your strengths and what you can offer people. Then start your own business. Take the leap of faith and work hard on it.