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Oldies But Goldies: Entrepreneurial Wisdom From The Pros (Part 2)

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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Naveen Jain, Russell Brunson, Mastip Kipp, Nathan Hirsch, Stephen Somers, Evan Carmichael and Clay Gardener and in this episode you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about how to be a very successful entrepreneur.

(2:16) Naveen Jain
There are three kinds of people. People who think of a problem, people who complain about a problem and people who think of how to solve a problem. These people are visionaries. Instead of wallowing in the problem, they come up with solutions to counter the problem. These people are known as entrepreneurs. So if you want to be a good entrepreneur, make sure you go out and find problems and look for ways to solve them.

(7:30) Russell Brunson
When you try to sell to somebody you don’t just walk to somebody and try to sell it to them point blank. First you need to find out what is the false belief they have about what you are selling and you need to note it down. Most people accumulate false information from peers and family members. They may have been told wrongly or have been warned. So your job is to overcome that false belief they already have within them and make sure your story checks out. Then your sale will be successful.

(11:35) Mastin Kipp
Focus on service. It is the most important thing. When you focus on servicing people, you will step into what is called effortless survival. You don’t have to worry about the bills being paid.You will be taken care of, if you take care of others. And lastly dedicate your life, your mission, your business to something larger than yourself and focus on adding value to people who are further down the road than you are and when you are mission driven, people will resonate with that.

(15:38) Nathan Hirsch
Listen to feedback from the people that are actually buying your stuff.
Make sure you ask questions like, “What do you like? What do you hate? What issues are you running into?” And never be scared to receive bad feedback and to change things or tweak things. Through these you get to evolve each year and always make sure you try to make it better based on all the feedback you’re getting.

(19:46) Stephen Somers
There are tons of marketing strategies out there or business ideas. Sometimes you just need to learn how to follow these or listen to them. Most of these ideas come from people who have already been down the line further than you and you know that they are experts in their field. Another thing you can do that is very effective when you have a business is to identify who you are serving and cater to their biggest problems. Your business will grow a lot when you can implement this.

(24:00) Evan Carmichael
Lack of belief is the biggest problem in the world. Everybody has an important core value and once you figure that out, you get more clarity on how to live your life and what projects to take on. Try to see the world through the lens of belief. You could be the greatest in the world at something but if you don’t believe in it, you won’t chase it down. Meanwhile dummies are winning off of your idea just because they started and believed in themselves.

(29:10) Clay Gardener
The equalizer across humanity is time. Companies and entrepreneurs are able to move faster and faster because we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants. It used to take five years to build a company. Now it could take five months or even five weeks. There’s just so much more information out there. Do not focus on getting everything perfect. No one cares. Throw stuff out there, see what sticks, talk to customers,do surveys, and don’t be afraid to fail.