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Oldies But Goldies: Entrepreneurial Wisdom From The Pros

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Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have a compilation of previous episodes with Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Todd Brown, Daymond John, JP Sears, Perry Marshall and Jay Abraham and in this episode you will hear tips and tricks from top entrepreneurs about how to be a very successful entrepreneur.

(2:16) Neil Patel
Big companies typically don’t pay the best. The mid sized businesses are much more flexible with their budgets and you are more likely to get them. The big companies spend money with only big agencies. If you’re not one of those big agencies, you’re not going to get the majority of their budget. The medium sized businesses are more flexible. If you can provide them ROI, they’re willing to pay you more.

(5:50) Gary Vaynerchuk
You worry about your work life balance, and remember the key is to put yourself first. Then your wife and kids because if you’re happy then you can do anything for them and that’s it. And at the end of the day that’s what matters. The only thing that should waver from what you want to do is a real belief that you are doing the wrong thing by your family. So make sure you always keep that in check.

(12:03) Todd Brown
Do right by the company that you’re working for and even if you’re not in a position where you can utilize your new marketing chops, your new marketing knowledge, your sales skills, that’s okay. You work your job with diligence, focus and on the side, you can build your business. And then when the time is right, which you’ll know it you’ll be able to walk away from a great job to a great business.

(15:33) Daymond John
You have to absolutely love what you do. Anybody out there right now, anytime they’ve been successful whether in their relationship or whether in business they were doing something they absolutely love. You have to absolutely love what you do. If you do it for money, you most likely are never going to make the money. You may end up in the wrong place for the money. Or even if you do make money you are going to blow it.

(19:40) JP Sears
Many people make the mistake of trying to find their purpose and then taking action. But most fail to realize that you only tend to find your passion once you start taking action. However, most want the sense of control where we want to find our purpose first so we can be guaranteed that our actions are going to be fruitful to our purpose. This is not entirely wrong but just have a comfortable chair because you’re going to be waiting to take action for a lot of decades.

(23:25) Perry Marshall
Most modern people don’t spend enough time in nature and, and if there is any advice that is really prominent in today’s time is to ditch your cell phone, ditch your laptop, go hiking, go to the mountains, go on a kayak and spend some time with actual nature. It will be so restorative and even though you can learn about nature in a science book, you can also learn about nature even more by being there.

(27:46) Jay Abhraham
The three ways you can grow your business is by learning how to focus on the geometry of the business, learning how to make things not just perform higher for the same cost, time, effort, opportunity or human capital but also learning how to get it to go longer. You increase the number of prospects and buyers. Then you increase the size of the transaction and then you increase the frequency or the utility of the transaction.