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Making Bank: Best Of 2022

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Making Bank: Best Of 2022 #MakingBank #S7E25
This episode of Making Bank is a compilation of previous episodes showcasing the mindset and the success strategies of the top 1% so you can amplify your life and your business today. If you want to grow your business more and become successful in the big world, you’ll need to perform at the highest level and grow as much as possible. This episode of Making Bank will help you acquire the necessary growth and performance tips one needs in order to become successful.
Make sure you check out this episode and listen to Josh and all the other guests discuss Making Bank: Best Of 2022.

(0:48) Strategies To Become Successful
Timothy Sykes talks about the various strategies to become successful and one of the main strategies is the ability to adapt. Especially in today’s world where things are so unpredictable and business can fail anytime, being able to adapt is what will help us strive in this world.

(4:22) Entrepreneurial Spirit
Sean Kelly talks about how his entire life he always knew he had an entrepreneurial spirit. He started very young with something as just shoveling snow during the snowy days to running a business in college. He believes it is what got him to where he is now today.

(7:51) Entrepreneurship Path
Rylee Meek talks about how the main motivation he started becoming an entrepreneur was just to be able to gain freedom and have money to do things. But as he grew he became more wise and started to hang around more people who can help him with his field and this really strengthened his entrepreneurship path.

(11:00) Most Relevant Tip For Success
Justin Razvani talks about his most important tip to be successful is just having relentless focus, not taking no for an answer and never letting any opportunity that arises to go to waste. He always takes up whatever challenges he gets and focuses strictly on them and this was his main key to success.

(13:46) How To Be Really Good
Cole Gordon talks about how when he initially started sales, he was not really good at it but unlike most of his colleagues who had other things going on with them, he mostly only concentrated on sales and kept grinding on just being good at sales. This is what really made him be good at what he does.

(18:14) Various Challenges
Brian Littlefield talks about the various challenges you get when running a successful business in the form of maintaining a cash flow because certain times the growth of a business will exceed its cash flow, hence, the need to be creative becomes more important which then, in turn creates a lot of pressure for the ones running the business.

(21:49) Inventor & Innovator
Bob Moesta talks about the main difference between an inventor and innovator and that is an inventor has to create a unique way.Their creation is patentable and protectable. But it is actually just a different way of doing something. Innovation on the other hand is about actually helping a large group of people make progress in their life.