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Making Bank: Health Series

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Making Bank: Health Series #MakingBank #S7E26
This episode of Making Bank is a compilation of previous episodes showcasing the mindset and the success strategies of the top 1% so you can amplify your life and your business today. If you want to grow your business more and become successful in the big world, you’ll need to perform at the highest level and also be as healthy as possible. This episode of Making Bank will help you acquire the necessary tips one needs in order to be the healthiest you can be.
Make sure you check out this episode and listen to Josh and all the other guests discuss Making Bank: Health Series.

(0:56) Know What You Want
John Madsen talks about how many people are not clear of what they want out of their fitness and as a result many of them come off short. We really need to know exactly what we want out of the workouts we do in order that we can come up with the best routine for it.

(5:49) Test Don’t Guess
Barton Scott talks about how sometimes when we do something, rather than spending a lot of time perfecting what we do to be more efficient, it is more advisable to take a step back and reevaluate a better method altogether. This will be better than spending time perfecting the same method over and over again.

(10:33) Ice Bath
Jason Stauffer talks about how an ice bath really helps him push his body to the best of its ability and how it has helped a lot in his breathing. We sometimes are so in our comfort zone that we forget how much more our body is capable of, so testing the ability of our body once in a while can really help us all in the long run.

(18:37) KE4
Frank Llosa talks about their newest product and its different functions and features and also how to use it correctly.

(23:55) Only You Can Help You
Robert Overwegh talks about how many times he does not actually give any advice to people but rather helps them know what works for them and tells them to do that because at the end of the day, this is what really matters. It is better to just know what works for us and do it on a regular basis.
(28:54) Longevity
Sergey Young talks about the various methods that we can all use and follow in order to improve our longevity and have a good, healthy and long life.

(32:25) Better Sleep
Ariel Garten talks about if we really want to get a good sleep, it comes to as simple as stop intaking caffeine after noon. Caffeine’s effects can last up to 7-8 hours and hence it is better to just not take any more coffee after noon.