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Optimize Your Personal Credit Profile & Get Access To 0% Interest Business Credit

with Jack Mccoll



Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Jack Mccoll who is the founder of Credit Stacking, scaled from zero business credit to over $500,000 in improved credit in just over one year, which he has used to fund a variety of new businesses and investments.
He now teaches his unique framework to over a thousand plus entrepreneurs, helping them get access to hundreds of thousands of dollars at 0% interest to start a new business, scale a business or finance, any type of investment.
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(2:36) Background
Jack mentions that he is the founder of credit When he first started he used his hard earned money to finance his business and then later moved to an equity partner. He then later moved to a business loan but was still paying interest. Then he learned about 0% interest business credit cards, which is 0% for nine to 18 months and you can get access to hundreds of thousands of dollars on these business credit cards.

(4:35) Business Credit Cards
When you’re applying for a business credit card, they’re looking at the type of business you have? Is it consulting? Is it a trucking business? E-commerce business? They look at the age of the business. Anything over two years you’re eligible. The last two things they will look at is the relationship you have with that bank and your business credit score.

(11:39) 0% Interest
There’s specific business cards that are 0% interest for the introductory period.
For some of them it’s six months or there’s nine months. Most of them are at 12 months 0%, and there’s some that go up to 18 months of 0% interest. After that introductory period, it goes up to the normal credit card interest rate, which is between 16 and 25% depending on your credit profile.

(13:03) Building Relationships
It’s important to build a relationship at Chase and Bank of America. They’re the most relationship based banks and they give out very high limits. The relationship should not only be on the personal credit cards, but also in order to open business checking accounts with these banks. These banks will ask about your business because they will give a code called the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code on your bank account, which classifies the risk of your industry.

(15:20) Credit Stacking
Different banks will allow you a different number of 0% interest credit cards at a time depending on the relationship you have with them. And then depending on the state that your business is registered in, that is gonna tell you the options you have in that specific state.

(18:23) Credit For Beginners
Have someone with a clean payment history act as an authorized user for your cards. Make sure your utilization is low. Don’t apply for too many credit accounts too quickly. When you apply for personal credit cards, you wanna be very strategic because it’s going to affect your age when you get more credit accounts approved.

(21:10) Top 3 Tips
Do your banking for your business at Chase. Their cards can range between $50,000 to a hundred thousand. If you travel, then get cards that give you the best rewards. For example, the Amex Gold or the Amex business Gold gives you four x points per dollar spent on advertising on gas. Lastly, check your personal credit score at because when you apply for a business credit card, the bank will look at your personal credit score. You want to make sure it’s good.