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Taking Control Of Your Personal & Professional Finances

with Brandon Dawson



Taking Control Of Your Personal & Professional Finances #MakingBank #S7E38
Welcome back to Making Bank. On today’s episode, we have Brandon Dawson who is a business scaling turnaround expert and leadership mentor who helps business owners and their teams achieve their personal, professional and financial goals through the growth of their business. He’s achieved numerous awards in business such as Achieving the Ink 500, ink 5000, fastest growing companies five times, etc. Today he is the CEO and co-founder branding coaches Cardone Ventures clients using his proven leadership and business.

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(3:49) Background
Brandon talks about how he worked in his parent’s Hearing Business and this was where he really got to learn all the things that helped him kickstart his life as an entrepreneur. He eventually moved out from his parent’s business to start something of his own using all the expertise he gained from that.

(5:56) Important Lessons
Brandon talks about his early life where his dad grounded him and he got an opportunity to allow his fellow classmates to come work at his parent’s farm to raise money instead of him having to do it on his own. He paid them without working at all. This was when he realized that he does not ever want to do work that he can easily pay someone else to do and this was the start of his journey as an entrepreneur.

(10:42) Resilience
Resilience in the human mind is the most important tool. People that punch through regardless of how tough it may be will end up having more stamina, more courage and more guts. A lot of people have gotten to be so soft from their parents, they can’t compete against those people who want it really super bad and that affects them in their workforce.

(15:31) How To Be Successful
You need to have a plan. You need to know what you’re moving to. Targets are so important and most business owners don’t set targets. They build from the inside out. Most people make the mistake of just hoping instead of building a strategy. It is very important to have a clear cut plan to be successful.

(18:47) Growing Your Business
Once you know what you do works, you must always and constantly innovate to be better, to make more money, to improve in your delivery, to improve in your product offering. Most businesses fail even after being successful because they lack innovation and end up getting stale after a few years.

(30:45) Biggest Regret
Brandon’s biggest regret was not slowing down a little bit with some of his decision making. He wished he sought from some really good mentors instead of assuming he was smart and could figure it out. He was in survival mode because he was doing everything people said he couldn’t do and so he had a high confidence in himself which eventually led to him losing.

(32:55) Best Time To Create Wealth
There’s never going to be a better time than in the next three to five years to create significant net worth with all the disruption going on, with all the distraction going and short of getting a nuclear bomb dropped on our heads, there’s never going to be a better time to be in business and and to create a net worth than the next three to five years.

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