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Monetizing Your Passion

with Riley Dayne



with Guest Riley Dayne: #MakingBank S3E47

In the dying age of the 9 to 5 when everyone is an entrepreneur and achieving varying levels of independent success, Riley Dayne set out to uncover what separates the most influential entrepreneurs on the planet. He uncovered 3 defining traits that most successful entrepreneurs share and you can use as signposts on your journey to being your own boss. But before we get to those, you must first ask yourself, “What can I do that not everyone else in the world can do?”

After graduating from film school, Riley knew he needed to find a unique path to follow his passion. Building a career as a film director is notoriously difficult and the majority of film graduates end up working in other production departments if they work in film at all. By combining his internet marketing background and love of film Riley was able to gain an edge and actually make a living shooting and self-distributing his work on the internet.

Once you know the unique thing you can offer the world, ask yourself these questions:

Am I Passionate About This?

Passion gives you hustle.

A lot of people start building their business based around what other people think is cool, or what will make them money, but trends shift and money sometimes takes a long time to come in. When you’re passionate about what you do, you’re powered to survive the slog of the day when you would otherwise give up.

Riley wasn’t passionate about internet marketing, but he did love movies. By marrying his passion with his unique skillset and monetizing the product, he not only built a sustainable career but a career that he enjoys doing.

Also, if you’re passionate about something, odds are other people are too! People will be drawn to the positivity you’re creating around that thing and become fans and followers of your business.

Am I Solving A Problem?

“Find the thing that you’re not only good at but find the thing that is unique that the world still needs.” Once Riley knew how to combine his passion and unique skills, he set out to make something not only good, but that served his audience and solved a problem.

What does your business do to help other people? Find a way to bake in your cause so your audience knows not only what you do, but why you do it and why it is important. Your product itself can be the thing that helps somebody — it doesn’t necessarily need to be an entirely different initiative. If you’re passionate about coffee and your product is a coffee cup, the way you’re helping people could be as simple as distributing a cup that keeps coffee hot the longest, is uncontaminated by chemicals that other cups have, and is easy to clean so you can use it every day.

Am I Failing Forward?

You must embrace failure. Failure is not only inevitable but immensely helpful. Riley describes failure as a staircase, “every time that you learn one way not to do something, that inherently means that you are one step closer to finding the correct way to do that. Embrace failure, keep going, fail as much as you can!”

Learn from your failures and use them to work smarter so you get where you’re trying to go faster. If you continue to learn from your mistakes, hone your instincts, and discipline yourself to work smart and hard, you will get there faster 99% of everyone else out there.

To find out more from Riley check out his website His movie Age of the Entrepreneur is set for release in 2019.