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Networking Done Right

with Jordan Harbinger



Does selfless networking work?
On this episode of the Making Bank Podcast, Jordan discusses rebuilding a new show and the power of relationships. After 11 years of hosting “Art of Charm,” Jordan set out to build a new podcast called “the Jordan Harbinger Show.” With the help of what he calls ABG – Always be Giving – he has found incredible success in only a few months.
Jordan believes that helping others without asking for something in return in that moment is the best way to network. You’ll make better connections, friends, and business deals – and down the line when you need help, help will be there. Listen to the episode to hear more about ABG networking, relationships, and even working with his wife.
Listen to Josh and Jordan discuss networking:

Switching Shows (1:46)
Host of the “Art of Charm” podcast for 11 years, Jordan Harbinger now hosts and produces the Jordan Harbinger Show. He talks about how the podcasting landscape has changed and what he’s learned over the years.

The Power of Relationships (3:36)
Jordan chats about the power of relationships. What took him years and years to accomplish with “Art of Charm” he now has done for “The Jordan Harbinger Show” in only a few months with the help of his network.

ABG (5:34)
Jordan’s motto for networking? Always be giving, or ABG. By being generous to others without expecting something in return, Jordan believes you reduce your cognitive load. Years down the line when you need a favor, they will have your back. Additionally, ABG is scalable and saves you time and money.

Covert Contracts (8:12)
When helping others without expecting anything in return, don’t keep score. It can be easy to make a “covert contract” in your mind, hanging onto the idea that that person owes you something, and then getting frustrated when they can’t give you a certain favor.

Social Capital (12:13)
When Jordan began his new show, he quickly realized the power of all the favors he did for others over the years. Although not expecting anything in return, he found that people were willing to make introductions, spread awareness and help him rebuild his hosting career.

Professionalism Pays Off (16:07)
Jordan explains what he has learned from his hundreds of interviews of the years. Some of the biggest stars are just as charming off camera—or not. Jordan saw first-hand how professional some are or aren’t. Even a 30 second interaction can improve or taint a relationship for the rest of your life.

Working with Your Wife (20:18)
Recently, Jordan’s wife, Jen, took on the role of his assistant and he, and his business, have never been better. Jordan specifies however, that working with your spouse has its own challenges and boundaries.

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