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Healthier Body and Business

with Barton Scott



A healthy body runs a heathy business.
On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Barton Scott chats about the power of minerals and how they can impact your success. An athlete his whole life, Barton found himself having memory issues in his twenties due to mineral deficiencies. He created Upgraded Formulas, a testing and supplement company that helps you restore your mineral levels.
Proper nutrition helps boost your mood, body and business. So, before you take care of your company, first take care of yourself. Listen to the episode to learn more about how the right levels of minerals – or wrong ones – are impacting your everyday life.

Listen to Josh and Barton discuss nutrition:
Barton’s Background (2:40)
Growing up an athlete, Barton was used to taking care of his body. In his early 20s, however, his short-term memory started unraveling and he sought help. No one could figure out what was wrong—until Barton realized it all came down to minerals.

Minerals vs. Vitamins (7:39)
Barton breaks down the difference between vitamins and minerals and explains why minerals are so important. Additionally, we can’t produce our own minerals, so Barton explains how Upgraded Formulas provide them.

Energy and Entrepreneurs (9:37)
Barton speaks on how medicine doesn’t always provide everything you need to heal. It’s important to view health holistically and look at things like diet and lifestyle as well. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, it can be easy to feel sluggish. As an entrepreneur, if you have no energy – no matter your mindset – you won’t get anything done.

Nutrition Becomes Personality (14:10)
Did you know that your nutrition can impact your mood? Barton explains how having too much or too little of certain nutrients can cause you to be more tired, angry, sad or other emotions. So, next time you’re feeling off, you may want to look at your nutrient levels.
You also may want to look at whether you’re absorbing the proper nutrients. If your body isn’t absorbing what it needs to, then it can’t perform properly for you.

Test, Don’t Guess (18:00)
Even the strongest people may be suffering with a nutrients imbalance. Barton shares the story of a close friend who found out that although she could get up early and lift three times her weight, she still suffered from an imbalance that impacted her life.
Barton encourages everyone to get their nutrition tested. You may be suffering in ways you don’t have to – or spending money on things you don’t need to. But you won’t know until you get tested.

Test Often (23:28)
Unlike blood samples, hair samples are more accurate and more affordable. Barton suggests getting tested every 90 days so that you can adjust your diet for a healthier body and business.
Upgraded Formulas vs. traditional supplements (28:10)
If you’re taking supplements now, you may only be absorbing 25% of the minerals – if you’re lucky. Upgraded Formulas gives you the right formula and concentration so that your body can absorb the proper nutrients and help reverse any deficiencies.

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