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Building a Billion-Dollar Business

with Shaahin Cheyene



Can a teenager make $1 billion in revenue? Shaahin did.
On this episode of the Making Bank Podcast, Shaahin Cheyene chats about his journey of creatin a billion-dollar company all by 16-years-old. With his homemade product herbal ecstasy, Shaahin managed to grow his company without the help of a degree or the internet. He delves into his wild tale of how he went from a homeless teenager to a business mogul. Listen to the episode to hear his incredible journey, as well as his ventures in vaping technology and early Amazon days.

Listen to Josh and Shaahin discuss herbal ecstasy:

Shaahin’s Background (3:20)
From an immigrant family, Shaahin was one of many outcasts at school. He decided to start selling illicit objects such as cigarettes, alcohol, and magazines, and organized the other misfits to do the same. At fifteen, he left home to make himself rich.
Herbal Ecstasy (7:39)
After realizing the demand for ecstasy, Shaahin set out to make a legal form of it. He cooked batches until he found the right formula—which he called herbal ecstasy. A year later, he broke a billion dollars in revenue. He was still a teenager.
Keep Getting Up (18:00)
Life can be challenging. Shaahin talks about how everyone gets knocked down. The important thing is to learn from it and keep getting back up. Shaahin shares an incredible story about how success is the best revenge.
Next Ventures (25:06)
Shaahin chats about being at the forefront of vaping technology, as well as his brain supplements. He then speaks about getting up on Amazon in the early days and how that’s altered his perspective.
The Bezos Business Model(27:59)
Shaahin breaks down Jeff Bezos’s business model and what he’s done to disrupt e-commerce. He delves into how he’s run his own successful businesses through Amazon. Now, he’s taking what he learned and sharing it with others.
Mindset Makes the Man (35:19)
Before wrapping up, Shaahin speaks on how mindset can really make the difference. Whether you believe in yourself or not, you’ll end up right. So, may as well believe in yourself, your business and product, and try to grow your wealth.

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