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Boosting your Brain, Body and Business

with Rowena Gates



Boost your brain to boost your energy.

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Rowena Gates joins us to chat about how her tech improves your brain, body and business. NanoVi technology helps repair cell damage so that you can recover faster after a workout and bolster your energy. Used by pro athletes and CEOs alike, NanoVi tech works with your body’s natural processes to make sure you’re performing at your best.

Listen to Josh and Rowena discuss boosting health:

What is Eng3 and how does it work? (2:12)

Rowena explains how her technology works to help your proteins fold better, so that you can feel more energetic. Eng3 technology doesn’t override anything in your body. Rather, it helps boost your body’s natural processes.

Athletes and their Performance (6:11)

Using Rowena’s device, many pro athletes improve their bodies’ ability to recover and rest after intense workouts. By reducing their lactic acid by 17%, it allows them to feel better, train better, and perform better.

When to Use Eng3 Tech (8:57)

Rowena discusses the difference in using the technology before or after your workout—or both. The most dramatic results have been when treating after your exercise, as it helps damaged proteins.

Entrepreneurs and Eng3 (11:20)

Being an entrepreneur is like running a marathon. While running a business, team and meetings every day, you exert a lot of physcial energy. Therefore, your brain needs the same rest and recovery that your body does. Even using the device one time has impactful benefits, such as a feeling calm, better sleep and more energy

Long Term Benefits (14:26)

After using the device most days, people have seen a more balanced nervous system and immune system. While Rowena and her team are still doing long term studies, they know it amps up the protein functions, which offers a variety of benefits.

Company Use (18:11)

Rowena discusses how companies, gyms, and other organizations can leverage the benefits of NanoVi tech. While not everyone will be able to avoid their own individual devices, they could still repair their cell damage via a communal device. Rowena believes in encouraging corporate wellness so that everyone can have a change to boost their health.

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