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The Sound of Sleep

with Ariel Garten



Sleeping more makes you a better entrepreneur.

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Ariel Garten discusses how her innovative headband “Muse” helps you sleep better, so you can be better. EEG powered, the Muse headbands help record and modulate your meditation and sleep cycles. Sleep impacts your performance as an entrepreneur and without it, you and your business can suffer.

Listen to the episode to hear more about how to sleep better to be the best you possible.

Listen to Josh and Ariel discuss sleep:

What is Muse? (4:38)

Muse is a headband that measures your vitals to help fall asleep and stay asleep. Using an audio experience, Muse interacts with your brain and delivers sleep lab information at home.

The Sound of Sleep (6:18)

With the audio, you can choose meditation, sleep stories or a simple sound scape to help train your body to fall asleep. The audio will slow down until you’ve fallen asleep and will only pick back up again if you stir. The device does not vibrate or disrupt your brain, rather, it just modulates itself to help lull you to sleep.

The Importance of Sleep (9:22)

Ariel discusses how important sleep is and what happens when you don’t get it. Not only can it impact your energy, but a lack of sleep can also affect your decision making, emotional regulation, and even ability to lose weight.

Meditation (11:00)

Ariel explains how meditation can offer a variety of benefits, including improved focus, attention, decreased anxiety and cortisol. When you learn to meditate, you can teach yourself how to calm your thoughts. So, when it comes time to sleep, you can replicate this practice.

Anxiety (13:30)

One of the biggest reasons people don’t fall asleep easily is anxiety about sleeping. With the Muse headband, you don’t have to worry about falling asleep or falling back to sleep. Muse will react to your being awake to calm you back into sleep.

Tips for Better Rest (16:03)

Ariel distinguishes the two chemicals in our brains – adenosine and melatonin – that help us sleep. Caffeine blocks adenosine, which is it helps you stay up – maybe for a bit too long. She suggests stopping coffee around noon. Next, she explains how a regular bedtime helps with your melatonin production, leading to a better night’s sleep.

Daylight Savings, Alcohol and Food (20:48)

With Daylight savings, it seems like we’re waking up and getting off work to darkness. Ariel suggests ways to combat the Daylight Savings fatigue, especially in the afternoon.

Next, Ariel covers how alcohol may make you sleep, but will disrupt your deep sleep. She offers suggestions on when and what to drink and eat so you can better fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sleep Cycles (24:11)

Ariel discusses what different stages of sleep look like and when your brain should be entering into them. She also talks about the new features on the next generation of Muse S.

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