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Secrets to Success: Team and Trust

with Jason Treu

with guest Jason Treu #Making Bank S5E18


The basis of entrepreneurship is formed on a foundation of trust and team. Achieving strong relationships can only benefit your company and business and can create leaders, inspire, and accomplish goals.  


Jason Treu, Chief People Officer in Leadership and Teamwork experts, joins us on this episode of Making Bank to discuss how important the team aspect of your company is, how communication builds trust, and how it all affects your business environment. Working with executives, managers, and HR departments, Jason utilizes a set of questions to build an ideal workspace.   


Here are some of the most important lessons that Jason has learned through all of his experiences.  


Team is Everything 


When you’re in business, you work with people. It’s unavoidable, and the company is dependent on these relationships that are created by the other people working with you and around you.  


“Getting smart people that balance you out and getting them to work together and getting them to work tirelessly and purposely to a common vision and get people engaged in that…[it] was the secret,” says Jason on his experience with working in so many different companies and teams.  


The bigger picture falls into place when you have an environment of people working together to reach that common goal. The relationships that people built in the company made an impact on how the company develops its future leaders. Jason says that it’s critical to have an environment where people are holding each other accountable with the balance of allowing growth when mistakes are made.  


Working in teams means leaders develop and take charge of the group. These are the people that go above and beyond, putting in the extra work and not letting the bumps discourage them. “I found that leaders were good at pivoting quickly, right. They pivoted quickly and didn’t look back and were willing to step into that role,” Jason says.  


These leaders that came along were taking the chances that no one else was willing to take. Being around those team members that take charge and lead influence you. When you’re following someone because you believe in their idea like it’s your own, it’s the magic of working together.  


Sometimes, you’re born with that innate extraordinariness that separates you from everyone else – making you the kind of natural-born leader that takes charge without being told what to do. But sometimes, you can become that leader by following those that have that spark and learn from them.  




Building Trust  


The reason why top companies are successful, and their teams are filled with leaders that change and push the industry is because the business takes the time to create an environment that allows for support and trust.  


“I think a of it is people build on breakable trust, right? And I’ve seen the research at it. And I think you have to start back from the basics of like, I think people overlook this part of it. They just think trust will come or it takes time. And both of those things are true, but that’s a slow way,” Jason says. Think back to the teams that you’ve been on with great people that accomplished great things; you’ve established a sort of trust and a level of understanding of one another. This funnels into greater success, resulting in your business being the best it could be.  


The team goes beyond the professional office, it’s with working with people in your day to day life, it’s in your family interactions. When you’re in a team, you want to bring the best out of yourself, and the best out of everyone else surrounding you. This leads back to the main foundation; trust.  


Everyone experiences working in teams differently. Everyone’s successes aren’t the same. Combining everyone’s experiences while aiming for a common goal results in the ability of the team to take risks and create business-changing decisions.  


No one knows how to be successful. They only know how their past experiences worked out in their favor. Having the opportunity to learn from someone else’s experiences teaches you lessons that you can learn from. Not to mention, being open about experiences and feelings as a team can help break down a large group of individuals that are seemingly very different, into a lot of common traits and understandings.  


Teams have most of their successes when “they started to see in each other their similarities, not their differences and not the rest of the problems they had, but the opportunities in they can work in [and] connect as people.”  


Connecting as people, beyond just co-workers, creates innovation, energy, and passion for the company itself. You must place trust in your relationships with the people that you’re working with, along with in yourself and the work that you are doing.