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Transforming Your Life with Fitness with Guest Drew Canole: MakingBank S1E44

with Drew Canole



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Every entrepreneur wants to be successful.

Every entrepreneur walks out of the door in the morning fueled with intention.

But rare is the entrepreneur who actually delivers on that intention and makes success happen.

Delivering on intention requires a number of things, among them focus, energy, clarity, and judgment. These things are not the gifts of the genetic lottery, they are byproducts of fitness.

That’s right—fitness is one of the pillars of entrepreneurial success.

Think about it—in addition to physical reward, fitness leads to self-discovery, and mental resilience. It leads to the positive habits and healthy routines that form the backbone of personal transformation.

And fitness isn’t just about what’s being done in the gym—it’s about nutrition, supplementation, hydration, sleep, and so much more.

Which is why fitness is at the heart of today’s conversation on Making Bank with Drew Canole—a conversation about fitness, heath, wellness, and how those things all combine to help entrepreneurs become their most effective, successful selves.

Drew is a nutritional savant, vitality specialist, and a champion for the benefits of juicing vegetables in order to restore both health and vitality. In addition to his juicy passions, he is the founder of Fitlife.TV, a media outlet for the production and distribution of “Educational, Inspirational and Entertaining” videos and articles that talk about health, wellness, healing, and longevity. His three books on the art of juicing and weight-loss have been Amazon best-sellers.

Drew will help you discover the right juicing formula to supercharge your day, and offer key nutritional insights to help you catapult your workday efficiency to the next level.

Listen as Drew shares a slew of powerful insights:

• Why if you can improve one life, you can improve the world

• What makes juicing so impactful

• How Organifi came to be

• Why finding the routine that works for you matters so much

• How Drew went from being overweight and out of shape to being full of life and energy

• Why the cost of greatness should never be your health

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You’re watching Making Bank. I am Josh Felber. Where we uncover the success strategies, the secrets, of the top 1% so you can transform and amplify your business and your life today.

Welcome to the show. Today we’re going to dive into a little bit about something I’m really passionate about. How your fitness, how what you do on a daily basis, for any fitness level, is going to help you transform your life. Help you transform who you are.

Let’s just break down fitness for a minute. What I encompass everything under fitness is what is your daily nutrition, what is your daily supplementation, what kind of physical activities are you doing day in and day out.

For me, I follow a pretty strict same routine day in and day out, scheduled for myself. Because I know that’s what works for me. Whether my workout may be first thing in the morning on some days, if it doesn’t fit my schedule later in the day or a lot of times my workout is in the middle of the afternoon. For me, that’s when I get the best workout possible. I have to be flexible and flexible with my schedule and have full accountability of what I do. I go into each day and I go into each day with full intention of who I am and what the result I want for myself that day is, whether it’s personal, whether it’s in business. Whatever that may be.

Right now I’m talking just fitness, nutrition, overall health and going into each day understanding that what I do and how I take care of my body through fitness, through nutrition and the overall health in general, is going to allow me to have sustained amounts of energy throughout the day. It’s going to allow me to have better clarity, judgement and focus so I can really dive in and perform at high levels within my business as well as when I get home or when I pick up the kids, be able to connect and be present and full of energy to hang out and engage with them. Enjoy the rest of the day with them as well before it’s time to put them to bed.

One of the first things, for me, that I do when I get up in the morning is I always try to make sure I’m hydrated using water and stuff like that. I utilize hydration drinks as well, not the ones full of sugar or anything the Gatorade and Powerade and that sort of thing, but all natural hydration. Some really easy example would be Himalayan sea salt and lemon juice mixed with water. That’s going to give you electrolytes, minerals, as well as increase the PH level of your water for first thing in the morning for a quick hydration.

Depending what cycle I’m on that week, through some different intermittent fasting techniques and things like that, I may not actually eat again until around noon or 1pm. What I do is I want to sure my body’s in a state of ketosis throughout that morning process to extend the benefits from not eating as well as also go into my workout, as well, into that state. That’s going to give me a maximum amount of energy output as well as be able to help me burn the most calories, fat, whatever that may be.

That’s how I kind of look at my morning and how my workout. When I get to the actual workout itself, I use a variety of different things, I use Crossfit, I use high-intensity interval training, I also try to encompass some different type of stretching techniques, trigger point techniques and things like that to keep my body loose, to keep my body mobile so those muscles and everything glides real easily. I get the best optimal results produced.

I also utilize supplementation throughout my day, as well, to maintain and manage my health through different probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as branched amino acids for muscle, physical strength, muscle building. Things like that. And then recovering with some type of protein, whether that be a whey protein unless you have some lactose issues, then go with a collagen or a different type of plant based protein as well. Whatever’s going to work best for you?

How do we really get into that? How do we make sure, “Hey I’m going to be able to do this day in and day out and why should I do this.” That all comes down to our intention. Our intention of living a life fulfilled. Living a life that gives us the abilities to connect and create value and deliver value for others as well as the intention to go out and do better and change the world. How can we do all this if we don’t care about ourselves, our fitness, our health, our nutrition?

It all starts with you and it all starts with you and the power of intention and what is guiding you and what is motivating you towards your success day in and day out.

I know as you watch this you’re like, “Man, how am I going really be able to make sure I’m working out. I just don’t have the time.” Everyone has the time. Don’t discount yourself. Everyone has the ability. It doesn’t matter if you’re 300lbs it doesn’t matter if you’re 120lbs. Wherever you are at right now in your life is not an excuse to not start working out. TO not start eating and transforming your life through nutrition.

For me, I’ve had the benefit of, over the years, working with people from all areas of their life. One gentleman that I had the fortunate ability to connect with had come into one of the gyms that I used to own and he was over 350lbs, had heart conditions, things like that. Other health issues in his family. He wanted to change that. One of the very first things I asked him what his goals were and one of the first things was to be able to run a half marathon because right now he couldn’t even walk a block around his house without being out of breath.

I challenged him to that but I also challenged him to find out what his intention is. What was his intention to transform his life, to be a better person physically, mentally, spiritually? We just put the pieces of the puzzle together. We reversed engineered it from when the  half marathon was, what he needed to do, how much weight he needed to lose and how he was going to get there.

If he can do it, I know you can do it. You have those same abilities, you have those same gifts. Stop making excuses for yourself. Start living your life. Know what your intention is each day and start with fitness, start with nutrition and care about yourself enough to start caring about your health so you can be the best person that you can be for yourself as well as for your family.
I’m really excited. Our next guest today, his name is Drew Canole and Drew has transformed himself from being overweight, out of shape to physically fit, full of life, full of zest, full of energy. This has brought Drew to be able to bring back what he does and be able to teach you and give you the same opportunities that he has through his techniques, his skills, his drills. As well as in an unbelievable product that he’s utilizing to help transform people’s lives called Organifi. A super greens juice that’s going to transform your world as it did his.
Stick around with me, up next is Drew Canole. I’m excited to have him on the show. I am Josh Felber and we’ll be right back.

Welcome to Making Bank. I am excited today. We actually have an unbelievable guest who’s going to help you transform your life and your health. He’s fueled by small town values and big visions for a better planet, Drew Canole begins each day with one simple goal in mind, to positively impact the lives of others. Through his work as a personal coach and endeavors such an and, Drew aims to inspire and motivate others to search deep within themselves to create an abundant healthy and fulfilling life. Improve one life, improve the world.

Welcome to Making Bank, Drew.

Drew: I love that. Every time I hear that I’m like, “You know, small town values.” I grew up in a tiny town, less than a thousand people.

Josh: Wow.

Drew: It just brings me back to that place of being there with people that were just kind of hung up on processed foods and didn’t really have a lot of vitality.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: Seeing my life from that perspective and just hearing it again it just reminds me of how far we’ve come over the past decade or two, which is really, really cool. Thanks for having me on the show. I’m really honored to be here. I love what you’re doing. I’m just grateful to be amongst people like yourself that are doing big things in the world.

Josh: Awesome, Drew. What’s really cool is that I was reading this earlier, getting prepped for the show today and I think, “Man, this actually really resonates.” Because you and I got to spend time together a week or so ago. Really just kind of seeing who you are and I think that it really embodies exactly what you speak and what you’re doing right now.

Drew: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Josh: Yeah, definitely, man. I guess I get introduced to you through one of your products out there that you guys have. I’ve been excited to be able to use it, it’s called Organifi, the super greens. So I’m super greening myself. Thank you for making an awesome product to really help deliver better quality and better products, health conscious people, like myself.

That’s right. I’m with you, man. Tell me a little bit … You’re from a small town, now you’re out in San Diego. What kind of got this whole entrepreneur, healthy life focus going for yourself.

Drew: We started fitlife and it was a lifestyle brand. I’m guessing your avatar is that person that’s just now coming into something that they love, they want to start a business, they want to understand how to make case doing it. Hopefully, if they arrived at this certain point, this place in time, they really want to help people. They want to impact people in a deep cellular level.

Josh: Definitely.

Drew: Have an interview recently with Perry, and he was talking about quantum physics and DNA and energetic exchange and all this crazy stuff, but I think when you do that day to day it no longer becomes work. You become the vessel of something bigger and greater than what you’d ever even imagined. That’s what I’m passionate about.

Every box of Organifi that we put out there. Every jar of Organifi, this green juice, I know that we’ve went around the world and we found like 11 of the best superfoods on the planet. We’ve sourced it from organic farms and we made sure it was non-genetic, we made sure there were no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or anything in this. I know that we’ve done over a thousand videos on youtube where we’re just pouring out education over and over and over again. We’re educating our followers, we’re educating our fans so that they can make the best decision. Regardless of whether or not they choose to buy Organifi right now, we know that eventually one day they’re going to make better decisions for their family and that’s what it’s all about.

We’ve grown the following of around 2.6 million people.

Josh: Wow.

Drew: Over the past five years. Organifi’s been existent for one year. I have tons of scars as an entrepreneur. I’m sure you’re going to ask questions about that and other things. It’s tough. It’s not easy to be your own boss. There’s things that you’re going to have to learn along the way. All in all, it’s been a joyous ride and I wouldn’t sacrifice it for the world. I just think it’s absolutely amazing.

Josh: Tell me what got you turned on to health and nutrition?

Drew: Flash back about six years. I was running a company called “Waterfield” Credit and another debt company called “Eat my Debt.” Which I thought was a good name at the time, I don’t know.

Josh: Sounds like it could be.

Drew: I was doing very well right out of college. It was all ego based. It was all, “How much money can I make.” I was making $35,000-$40,000 a month and continuity coming in. I was like, “Oh, this is a pretty good living.” I would go out every weekend and I would drink. I would partake in the standard American diet: processed food, all of these things. I’d spend time with my buddies on the weekends. They had a substantial amount more money than I did so we would take private jets to Vegas and do all these things that young, ego-led males would do.

Josh: Been there, man.

Drew: It’s almost like when the student is ready to teach a [inaudible 00:15:25]. We all hear this. I had a very wise sage show up in my life. His name is Frank. Frank showed up and I began meeting with him every morning of the week for most every single day and we would spend about an hour, hour and a half together every day. We’d read scripture, we’d talk about how to improve people’s lives and this stuff really resonated with me on a soul level.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: I just started to shift. I felt my DNA almost start to change through the medtiational work, through the scriptures that we were reading and everything else. I’ve started to become a different person. That Drew that used to make a lot of money and go out every weekend and was 50lbs heavier than he once was, he started to realize that there was more to life than what I was doing.

I’m like, “Well, what’s the first state of change.” I’ve started studying neurolinguistic programming, which a lot of people do.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: Different layers of your identity. I knew if I had to change I had to change my environment. I decided to move from Tampa, Florida, which is a great place. I still have a lot of good friends there. I still communicate with the guys that were partying with every weekend. I moved to San Diego, California. I asked the question, I’m like, “If I could live anywhere in the United States, where would it be.” And it was San Diego. Every time I come out here the people just had this different level of awareness to them. It’s tapped in, turned on, fully ready to be present. They’re into yoga, working out.

I thought, and a question that Frank would ask me every morning, he’s like, “If you could do anything you love and it wasn’t about the money what would you do.” We’ve heard that question before, but, it finally sunk in. I’m like, “Well, if I can do it,” and I believed in these laws, these universal laws, “If I could do anything I wanted to do, if I could make as much money as I wanted to make, if I could impact and inspire people and truly be in a blessing business what would I do” I looked in the mirror and I’m like, “Well, I’m 50lbs heavier but I’d love to do health.” I said, “What’s the best way to convince people to get on your bus.” In anything. This is financial, this is health, this is relationships.

If you want people to get on your bus of health, you have to demonstrate what it means to be vibrant, what it means to abundant, what it means to fully demonstrate superior health. I filmed a little Youtube video, I asked myself some very important questions and if you’re listening to this I’d probably write them down right now.

Josh: Definitely.

Drew: It was why do I want to change. What was the deep level? Why do I want to do this, what does this change look like in 90 days. What does it feel like? I find that when people align their values with the way that they feel they’re much more likely to commit with consistency to a program.

Josh: Right.

Drew: What does this sound like. I started anchoring in my mind, these different neuro synapses, the left and right brain hemisphere to the prefrontal cortex. I started hearing what my friends and family were saying before it started happening and I would write it down. Like, “Drew, you look great, I can’t believe you lost 25lbs over the past two months. That’s absolutely amazing. Your eyes are glowing white. You just feel like you’re a new person. [crosstalk 00:18:15] you’re inspiring me and I wrote up all these emails, these messages.” I took it one step further and I started putting it in the different social media formats that were around at the time. Facebook. I graphically got in here, I’m a computer illiterate, I don’t know any of this stuff, but I started using what was it, keynote.

Josh: Right.

Drew: In there, writing all these comments.

Josh: Yes.

Drew: I put it on my vision board.

Josh: Cool.

Drew: I started looking at this every day, I started indoctrinating myself with the future Drew before it existed.

Josh: Nice.

Drew: I almost got to this place where future Drew was speaking to old Drew and it just … The faster I could close that time gap the quicker my body started to materialize and manifest the way I wanted to be.

You can use all these principles of money, too. Thinking Grow Rich, Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, The Secret, all of this stuff. There’s one fundamental thing that they never talk about and that’s … You have to shift your identity. You can’t just wield the law of attraction, you actually have to become somebody knew and you attract what you are.

I had to be this new brighter, bigger version of Drew. I moved from Tampa to Florida and within 90 days I lost close to 50lbs.

Josh: Awesome.

Drew: I went from 20% body fat down to -7%. The whole time I documented it. I was putting it on Youtube, social media. People just started to join in because when I would do a video it wasn’t, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going show you the best fitness hack of all time right here.” A lot of cheeseballs online are different. It was like, “You know, Josh. I know you’re in your office right now and you know maybe you haven’t had a green juice in a while. I was once like you. You need to just start with one glass of Organifi.” If was that one on one, that personal interaction via video.

Josh: Right, okay.

Drew: That really helped people tune in and feel like, “Wow, I feel like I’m friends with this guy.” It was real. Every time I would shoot a video, and this was a little video hack. I would just pretend I was talking to one person. That completely … Anybody that’s ever nervous on video or feels like they can’t do it, you talk to that one person in the video and you feel that. It becomes this resonant, this authentic thing.

Josh: Right. Awesome. Real quick, we need to cut to a quick break, can you stick around?

Drew: Of course.

Josh: Awesome. I’m Josh Felber, you’re watching Making Bank and we’ll be right back.

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Josh: Welcome back. I am Josh Felber and you’re watching Making Bank. We’ve been speaking with Drew Canole, who has really started to prime our minds right now to start asking the right questions.

Why are we here right now? What does it look like? What does our future look like? I think that’s a very important question you mentioned, Drew. What does it sound like? So many times, like you had said, we get half way there. We start to say, “Okay, yeah, this is who I’d like to be, this is what I’d like to start doing,” but then we don’t actually have that other input. What is it going to look like? What is it going to sound like? Who is that identity that we’re going to start to see ourselves as?

I think that right there is the huge gap that a lot of people miss to make that life transformation, whether it’s into entrepreneurship, into being the best dad or mom or whoever that could be, friend. That I’d really like to dive in from where we left off at and see what you did to really grab onto that and create that identity for yourself.

We do. We have a lot of [inaudible 00:22:22] but we do have a huge female presence, especially on my Facebook page that are entrepreneurs, that are driven.

That’ll work. Type A.

Drew: Type A, driven entrepreneur.

Josh: Yes.

Drew: I feel like I’m talking to myself. This is easy, guys. What I want you to do is realize that, as a type A, driven entrepreneur, somebody who has a thousand in their mind, you genetically are much different than 99% of the population. My buddy Doug, he’s a psychologist here in San Diego, he talks about this thing called the hunter’s mind. We’re all hunters. We’re pulling the pack forward but our brain operated completely different than the farmer mind. The farmer’s mind is the person that likes safety, security, that gathers, the people that are out implementing constantly. They don’t have a lot of big visions but they like to stick to one vision throughout their whole entire lives and just accumulate slow wealth over time.

The hunter is like, “Oh, I’m going to take lots of risks, I’m going to go out here, I’m going to do this, I’m going to have a thousand ideas.” What’s interesting is we need both of them to have a business.

Josh: Right.

Drew: To have that business we need to understand fundamentally how our brains differ than the farmer’s brain.

The hunter operates primarily out of the pre-frontal cortex when they get in a really good place. This is where you want to be as a hunter is in the pre-frontal cortex because a lot of things happen.

When you’re operating predominantly from this place then you get further access to the left and right hemisphere, the regions, the occipital cortex starts firing differently. You open up more gray matter in the brain. What that does is it allows more willpower.

Josh: Awesome.

Drew: Willpower is likened to my buddy Mo and Darren Hardy talked about this in his book “Compound Effect”. Mo is motivation. Motivation, to further it, and to talk scientifically about it, primarily comes from your prefrontal cortex. It’s your willpower muscle.

A lot of people aren’t using their willpower muscle that much. Especially as ADD, hyper-focused, ADHD [inaudible 00:24:26] entrepreneurs. How do we do it, what are some steps to use the prefrontal cortex more. That is the questions that we asked earlier. Why do you want to do this? Let’s back it with some values.

I find that people that have a value backed by why they want to do it they’re much more likely to do it. When I talk about daily values, how much energy do you want to have throughout the day, is it important to you not to crash at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Most people would say it’s important to have energy at 2 o’clock in the afternoon because that’s when they have big meetings, that’s when all this other stuff.

What do most people do? They crash at 2 o’clock pm. The reason they’re crashing is because they didn’t know that one simple tweak of having a protein breakfast in the morning, getting tons of hydration, liquid, and minerals. A little sea salt in your water, a little lemon in the water will actually fuel you and you’re going to have more energy throughout the day. You don’t need that nap.

Naps are cool because you can meditate and pull stuff out of the [inaudible 00:25:24] and come up with ideas and all these other concepts when you do take a nap, but, don’t use a nap to gain energy. That’s a waste of time.

Josh: Right.

Drew: Operating from the prefrontal cortex with an understanding of how to get there more. That is those questions. That is taking 2 to 3 to 5 minutes a day and meditating. I’m a huge fan of, not transcendental meditation, where you’re trying to get out of your body. I’m a huge fan of coming in our body as an entrepreneur.

Josh: Right.

Drew: We’re always in our heads. We have a thousand ideas and like Vinny Fisher talks about. You’re throwing lightning bolts at your employees all the time but how do you reserve that energy force as an entrepreneur, as a visionary and not throw those lightning bolts and actually maintain that energy force. That is by doing open-eyed Zazen meditation.

Josh: Okay.

Drew: You just breathe. If I was to do it in my office I would take three to five minutes and I would look at an object right in front of me. Let’s say I’m looking at the pupil of your eye right now, I would breath out and get hyper focused and as I breathe in my peripheral gaze would open up. That peripheral vision. And then breath out get hyper focused and then breath in. As you’re doing that your cortisol levels are starting to drop.

Josh: Sure. That’s awesome.

Drew: Cortisol is huge, we know that. That’s why we created Organifi in the first place because the Ashwagandha we chose to put in it lowers stress, clinicals, 29%. 29% cortisol drop is huge. 90% of disease is, as you know, caused by stress-induced factors. 90% of disease. Stress. How do we lower stress? Well, supplementation, obviously. Ashwagandha helps with that. Meditation. It’s an ADHD, entrepreneur, hyper-driven focused hunter like the person listening to this, it’s getting clear on your vision and having a road map to get there.

Josh: For sure.

Drew: You don’t have a thousand ideas coming at you at once all the time. You’re actually getting clarity on those. By doing this meditation, this open-eyed thing, it can really help with that. Knowing the 90-day vision, the goal, why, what you want to hear and staying consistent with your passion, your purpose, your values. Making sure your integrity is in check. A lot of people sacrifice integrity for a few dollars here and there.

Josh: Right.

Drew: That eats at you. It eats biologically at your cortisol levels. You got this slow burn stress all day long and maybe if it’s 10 or 15% that’s still that unreserved gas that you’re using that you don’t even see leaving you.

Josh: Yes.

Drew: We get in the quantum realm and the quantum theory and we can talk about nanoparticles and light and how it’s coming out of your aura and all this other stuff but let’s just keep it simple, right?

Josh: Blow them out of the water today.

Drew: Burning cortisol every single day. By the time you get in your 40s, 50s you’re out of it. You’re suffering from adrenal crashing, maybe something even worse like, we don’t want to get down the road to doom and gloom but how do you take care of it.

Josh: Right.

Drew: That’s what I’m all about. How do I vitality every single day? How do we make sure our values are in alignment with our integrity. Do what we really love and make money doing it to serve the goodness of humanity. That’s why we’re all here. That’s why you and I are friends.

Josh: Try to give back and create as much value, for sure. One of the things I really like spending time with you from the other week was just really seeing it. You live the life that you talk about. I think that is so cool. A lot of times you meet people and you’re excited to meet them and it’s like, “This is totally opposite.” You’re focus is health and vitality. You’re out partying in the corner smoking and drinking and everything else. It’s just a conflict to who you are.

I think as entrepreneurs, as yourself and myself, living that life eliminates a lot of that stress of who you are. It’s who you are, it’s who you live, it’s where you want to be and where you want to go. I think a lot of the key pieces you mentioned, a lot of it, too, starts with our nutrition. What we’re putting in our bodies on a daily basis.

Drew: 100%

Josh: With your Organifi or, even like you said, supplementation, adrenal supplements, Ashwagandha other stress reducing supplementation is a major key in maintaining who we are and that clear mind, that focused mindset, everything else. I think that’s a highly undervalued piece as entrepreneurs gets left out a lot of times.

Drew: Yeah. I think it’s, you said, “Our nutrition.” And it’s as simple as asking ourself every day, “What are we assimilating. What are the nutrients that I’m assimilating today.” Looking at it, how much water am I getting in, protein, carbs, fat. You know the basic stuff, but also micronutrients. How many phytoconstituents am I getting in this? Have I done a spectra analysis test? Do I know where my enzyme levels are at? Do I know how much I’m digesting, where are my HCL levels, what does my blood test look like.

Josh: Right.

Drew: If you do that once a year as a hunter, as an entrepreneur, you should be spending at least that much time on your health that you’re spending on trying to get a Lamborghini or getting the newest car.

Josh: Yeah.

Drew: Or whatever you’re buying, the latest gadget, gizmo for your kid or wife just because you want to keep up with the joneses.

Josh: Right.

Drew: It doesn’t matter. Al of those things at the end of the day … I have this analogy that I use. I was at this gas station once and my buddy Carl was pumping gas into his BMW. Carl’s a little overweight, he’s about 265lbs, 5’8″ height so he’s holding a lot of weight on his visceral fat on his waistline and in 10-15 years who knows, diabetes sets in, cancer, all these other things.

I asked him, and he was drinking a soda at the time, one of those Big Gulps from the gas station, and I said, “Carl, what kind of gas are you putting in your BMW.” He said, “Well, Drew I put premium in it because,” I forget now but what’s the BMW tagline, right? It’s the ultimate driving machine, that’s what it is. He said it, and I remember it now. It’s like, “Drew I put premium in here because it’s the ultimate driving machine.” What Carl failed to realize in that moment when he was drinking that Big Gulp soda is that he had the ultimate living machine that he was pumping that cheap gas in that body of his.

Josh: Right.

Drew: That’s what people do on a daily basis. How can I get cheap gasoline, cheap fuel, process? It’s easy, it’s quick. I’m going to go to the 7-11.

WE hardly ever do high-end transformations now but I have another client, lives out in Florida. He started with a 267 blood glucose level when he first started out.

Josh: Wow.

Drew: That’s like diabetes.

Josh: Yeah.

Drew: I got him doing intervals, we got him eating the right food, plant based, primarily plant-based diet with lean protein, grass fed organic, all this other stuff. He sent me a text message this morning. He’s now down to 117 glucose level.

Josh: Wow.

Drew: No medication, no insulin, none of this, none of that. He’s on track to have the vitality that he needs for his two daughters that are absolutely beautiful. What are you putting in your tank every single day then it goes even farther. This is base level, guys. This is in the element of the physical body. It’s exciting to me because I know if I can get him physically firing on all cylinders what’s next?

Josh: Yeah.

Drew: We have the whole mental realm. What are you assimilating as far as thoughts? You and I are readers. I look at your bookshelf there you have books. We read a book a week at Fitlife. Our whole company is reading a book a week.

Josh: Awesome.

Drew: We sit down, we talk about it. I know Vinny’s a big reader. You surround yourself with readers.

Josh: Right.

Drew: If you’re not reading every single day, if you’re not putting positive thoughts into your brain of yours then you’re not fueling, you’re not assimilating the right nutrients to be more successful than somebody else is halfway across the world that will outwork you. They will out-think you, they will outsmart you because they’re willing to invest and they’re willing to assimilate better gasoline that you’re putting in your body and your brain.

Josh: Sure. Running your company, living your life, vitality. How do you really break up your day so you can make sure you really fit in all the right things that you need to fit. Your reading, your health, your workouts. I think you mentioned you do two workouts a day, right.

Drew: Two workouts a day and I think it’s real simple. If you’ve read the book Scaling Up you get it. You figure out how much money your core desire, your belief system, your self-worth. How much money you want to be making per hour.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: Everything outside of that you have somebody else do it. You hire people for that position. Vinny talks about it, all this other stuff. It may sound crazy when you’re just starting out and you have to do everything. Listen, I get it. I did everything for two years.

Josh: Oh, yeah.

Drew: I edited my videos, I posted on social media, I ran my own Facebook ads, I did my own Youtube ads, I went to the bank, I cashed my own checks, I was my own personal assistant, I cooked my own food, I did everything. [crosstalk 00:34:54] Entrepreneurs we do absolutely everything in the hustle and grind mode and the bootstrapping of America. That’s what built this thing.

Josh: That’s right.

Drew: You get to a point where you get some money flowing in. You start helping more people and then you find people that are in the same … Vinny talks about it, you have the same heartbeat. They have the same whydentity as us, we say whydentity, it’s the emergence of your why and your identity together. They live from that value of changing the world from impacting and then you build a team around outsourcing everything else that’s not in your passion zone. For me, currently, today, I know my biggest thing for my impact, for my book, is actually to get on podcasts, get on interviews to do videos.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: To do Facebook lives, to write, to develop content, to create new seasons of Mindset Monday and Saturday strategies. To pair with like-minded people like you, that’s my core passion, that’s my element, that’s where I need to be.

Josh: Right.

Drew: Everything outside of that outsource. That also frees up a ton of time. Tons of time. To recover. Men are better at this, I think, than women. We have this ability to turn our brains off like this. Women’s brains are much more complex than ours.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: They’re constantly … They’ve got 10-15 popups in their brain at all times. You’re married so you get it.

Josh: Popups, yeah.

Drew: The wife is always thinking. Regardless, as an entrepreneur, we need to shut it off, we need to turn it off every single day. What do I personally do to turn it off? I don’t have kids, I’m not married yet. That’s a huge … It gives me more time.

Josh: Right. For sure.

Drew: If I didn’t have time I would look at other models like my buddy Ed O’Keefe, who’s got seven kids, who still has mastered this ability to shut it off.

Josh: Yup.

Drew: Recovery, timed recovery in every day. Doing cryotherapy once a day.

Josh: Oh, yeah.

Drew: Taking and meditating. Getting an IV once a week. What is it? Cranial sacral therapy, I do. I’m a big fan of this, seeing my psychologist once a week. I think a psychologist. You have a little cat in the background. What’s the cat’s name?

Josh: That’s Kobe.

Drew: Kobe.

Josh: He snuck in here.

Drew: Love it. As long as you have it structured out and you have timed recovery. When you were here, we took 12 people, we all got an IV, we went and did cryotherapy. This may sound like an extreme to people, but when you’re living in extreme business, when you’re in it to win it every single day. When the intensity is rising every single hour, every single minute, you need to be just as intense about your recovery. Are you getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night? Most people would be off the boat at that point.

If you’re not getting 8 hours of sleep, why? Is your room not dark enough. Is it not cool enough. All these environmental things you can change in a second.

Josh: Sure. Definitely.

Drew: You didn’t come over to my house but I just ordered the water that goes above your mattress and it adjusts the core temperature of your bed, one of those things.

Josh: Oh yeah. I remember seeing that. That’s cool.

Drew: Eye mask, white noise, essential oils to help induce more of a dream state, turning all the lights off in your house at 5:30-6 o’clock at night. I have infrared lights that turn on so it’s all red in here, which induces melatonin. That’s what you need to drift off into sleep realms. It’s thinking as much about your overall well being as you are about your business. Your body is your business and if you can get more out of your body as a resource, your business is only going to grow.

That goes with your mind to. Seeing a psychologist, meditating every day, taking care of that brain, reading books. You’re going to be next level.

Josh: Definitely. Guys, just like Drew’s saying as entrepreneurs, we’re pushing ourselves hard every single day whether it seems like it or not. You’re running a marathon. You have to have that recovery time and that’s the part that a lot of times that we eliminate because, “Okay, hey, we can push it off until tomorrow, we can push it off until tomorrow.” That’s why we see so much burnout.

A lot of the people in Silicon Valley with the startups and they have that burnout before their company makes it or just as their company makes it. It’s because they’re not taking care of themselves on a daily basis. Through a lot of the different methods that Drew mentioned, whether it’s through cryotherapy, weekly IVs, whether it’s just going to get a massage once a week or several times a month. That totally lowers your blood pressure and stress levels and everything just on its own through the food that you put in your body, you’re putting good, healthy food in instead of the cheap processed food, you’re going to be able to operate at those higher levels. You’re going to be able to operate with more energy, fulfillment, and enthusiasm on a daily basis. That’s that challenge I want to put there to use.

What are you going to do this year to start to transform your life, start to transform your health to make yourself better so you can make your business better?

Drew: Yeah. I think when you talk to your audience like that they’re going to listen because they want to make their business better. As entrepreneurs, as the hunter mind, as the ADHD people, we will invest whatever it takes to make sure we’re successful in business but ask them to invest in their health, in their body.

Josh: Right.

Drew: You’ll get a bunch of people in the room that just get this glossed look over their eyes. It’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because they haven’t built the right value system.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: They don’t know the right questions to ask. In business, you know the right questions to as because you’ve been doing it.

Josh: Right.

Drew: What are the right questions. And then fill in the gaps. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not strong at numbers the first person you need to hire on your time is a bookkeeper. Somebody that can keep track of your digits, of your analytics. If you’re not a marketer and you’re not running a thousand split tests then you’re probably going to hire somebody to do your split test, too.

Most people aren’t personal chefs, they don’t know anything about nutrition, they don’t know about health, they don’t really know how to make food taste good, but yeah they haven’t hired somebody to come in their house and make food for them every single day.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: They still want to be successful doing all this stuff. There’s this huge disconnect with health and the entrepreneur that’s ultimately very successful that we need to bridge the gap on. It’s just filling the holes, filling the holes in with the team, taking advantage of that and turning your body into the best business that you own.

Josh: For sure. Hey, I’m honored that you were able to come on Making Bank today, share your knowledge, share your wisdom and be able to help connect with our audience to hopefully elevate them to another level.

Drew: I gotta tell you buddy, I’m excited because we talked nothing about really physically making money.

Josh: Right.

Drew: It had everything to do with making the most important kind of bank there is.

Josh: That’s right.

Drew: That’s your own personal vitality.

Josh: For sure.

Drew: If Steve Jobs was still around and we asked him, “You know, how much money would you pay for a cell.” What would his answer be?

Josh: Yeah. Probably limitless.

Drew: I hate to drop the mic on that but that’s pretty deep.

Josh: Cool. Hey guys, one of the hacks that I use, definitely all the time, is Drew’s Organifi. I love it, my kids love it, they really enjoy the taste. After the shows over feel free to go check out Organifi, get yourself some.

Drew: Yeah. You’re going to love it, guys. We love making Organifi for our people just because they’re looking for something where they don’t have to juice, they don’t have to blend, they don’t have to clean up the mess, it’s easy, it takes 30 seconds. Mix it in and it is ultimately the best tasting superfood on the planet.

I think we’re number six on Amazon right now.

Josh: Wow.

Drew: For all the superfoods in the world.

Josh: That’s awesome.

Drew: Which is pretty cool.

Josh: It is really cool.

Drew: You can go to or just click the link that Josh will leave below this video and we’ll rock it out.

Josh: Cool. You guys have a turmeric out, too that’s pretty potent.

Drew: Yeah we just came out with the world’s first supercritically extracted bio-enhance … I know it sounds crazy. Really what it is is it’s organic full-spectrum turmeric. A lot of people are taking curcumin if you know anything about it.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: Which is the fat soluble side of the turmeric plant. Which is great for anti-cancer, anti-tumor all these things? We wanted to add the full spectrum, the water soluble side as well because that’s great for repairing DNA, RNA all the anti-aging benefits with the other benefits as well that we’ve seen from the thousands of years of research that’s actually been done on turmeric since back in [inaudible 00:43:48] times.

Josh: Right.

Drew: Great product. I take it every day. I super dose it. I take it for my brain more importantly. It’s one of the greatest things for inflammation.

Josh: Sure.

Drew: Taking turmeric helps get rid of the inflammation, helps the processing of the left and right hemisphere and access to the prefrontal cortex, the pineal gland, whatever you want to call it. That is the seed of intuition, my friends. That’s where you’re going to get all your ideas as a visionary. Ideas that actually make you more money and more impact in the world.

Josh: Awesome. Hey, guys. I don’t usually really every promote products, so, these are really near and dear to me. They work wonders and they’re awesome products so get out there, take care of your health.

Drew, again, thank you for being on Making Bank today.

Drew: Thanks for having me on. This has been great.

Josh: Awesome.

Drew: Remember, we’re in this together.

Josh: You got it. I am Josh Felber, you’re watching Making Bank. Get out and be extraordinary.