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Your Life’s Longevity

with Sergey Young



Can we extend our life expectancy?

On this episode of the Making Bank Podcast, Sergey Young discusses investing in scientific start-ups, medical advancements and more. After growing up in the USSR, Sergey worked his way up to private equity before entering the world of medicine. Through habits, lifestyle changes, and coming technology, he has found how to slow and even reverse aging. Listen to the episode to hear more about how you can increase the longevity of your life.
Listen to Josh and Sergey discuss health:

Sergey’s Background (2:55)
Growing up in the USSR, Sergey struggled to find work and help feed the family. Through lots of hard work and some luck, he was able to get out, get a degree and now manages $2 billion in assets.

From Health Crisis to Health Investor (5:28)
Sergey found his way to McKinsey and through that, private equity. After a small health scare, Sergey had to change his lifestyle and quickly realized that changing unhealthy habits can help reduce to the risk for many diseases. He began investing in scientists and medical startups.

Life Longevity (9:27)
Sergey’s health investment fund focuses on longevity. As we reach middle age, diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes become more dangerous. Sergey invests in companies that try to combat those in an affordable and accessible ways.

Now, Near, and the Future of Medical Advances (12:29)
Sergey discusses what we can do now, in the near future, and beyond to increase our life expectancy. From habits to drugs to new technology, Sergey covers the ways in which we can reverse or slow down aging to add an additional 5-10 years to our lives. The medical advances help those with chronic diseases, organ issues and other predicaments.

Health Care Efficiency (19:10)
Sergey explains how the US health care system, while medically advanced, is inefficient. Even with numbers adjusted for population, the US spends a lot more on the health care system than their European counterparts with longer life spans.
The Science and Technology of Growing Young (20:57)
Sergey shares where to find his book, as well as where to find more information about life longevity.

Your Annual Checkup (22:09)
Before hopping off, Sergey iterates the importance of your annual checkup. He urges everyone to make this visit as comprehensive as possible so that you can prevent or catch any early signs of diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

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