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Turn the Ideal into the Real

with Dale Comstock



What if you could have what you always imagined?

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Dale Comstock talks about his martial arts experience, military career, and coaching business. Born into a military family, Dale learned the importance of self-defense early on. He excelled in martial arts and became a skilled fighter before signing up for the military at 17. From there, he led a successful career in special forces—but his journey didn’t end there.

Dale started and sold businesses in everything from nuclear security to canine training. When Covid hit, he didn’t let it stop him. Instead, he began a coaching business with his daughter and business partner and now helps thousands of people reach their potential. Listen to the episode to hear more about how the body, business and how perspective informs your path.

Listen to Josh and Dale discuss military culture:

Dale’s Background (5:56)
Growing up in Germany with a father in the military, Dale had a unique childhood. At school, he was picked on for his size—until he decided to turn to martial arts. Dale embraced different types of martial arts, learning new skills, confidence and eventually a career.

Military Culture (9:06)
Growing up on bases his whole childhood, Dale was raised with a military culture. At 17, he enlisted and did 20 years of service, including in the special forces, counter-terrorist unit and more. After the military, he founded company after company, building them up and selling to competitors. From appearing on TV to nuclear security, he’s done it all.

Business During Covid (16:23)
While traveling, Dale saw the world shut down. He decided to form a coaching business with his daughter and colleague to help those who have lost their income due to Covid.

The Science of Success (21:33)
Dale discusses the science behind success and the three groups of people he coaches in his business. Together with his business partner Joe and his daughter, the three of them have helped thousands of people.

Turning the Ideal into the Real (24:40)
Dale focuses on three areas of mentee’s lives: body, perspective and subconsciousness. A healthy body helps lead to a healthy mind. When it comes to perspective, a negative attitude can warp your memory. Always thinking about the past can sometimes keep you stuck there. It also helps with self-discipline.

Visualize your Success (29:29)
Dale chats about how visualizing your success interacts with the nervous system.

Delta Training and its Lessons (31:30)
Dale explains the rigorous selection process for the Delta Forces in the military. He extrapolates the valuable lessons he’s learned that he takes with him anywhere. He now views hardship as a challenge, not a problem.

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