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Acquisition and Accomplishment

with Roland Frasier



Could acquisition be the answer to your business needs?

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, Roland Frasier talks about his entrepreneurial influences, acquisition and accomplishment, and advice for starting new business practices. Roland is an entrepreneur with a passion for business. He began his career in real estate, and soon his business practices evolved, leading him to bigger and better entrepreneurial success.

Roland has a history of building, buying, and selling businesses in e-commerce, e-learning, SaaS, and real estate. He is currently the CEO of All Channels Media, LLC, and principal in,, Traffic & Conversion Summit,,, War Room Mastermind, Fully Accountable, Everbowl Restaurants, Big Block Realty, Scribe Publishing, and Real Estate Worldwide. Additionally, he has a virtual course called “The Epic Challenge,” where he teaches his methods for entrepreneurial achievement.

Listen to Josh and Roland discuss acquisition and accomplishment:

Starting in Entrepreneurship (5:17)
Roland explains how he got his start as an entrepreneur and credits his father’s tax attorney profession and entrepreneurial practices as motivators. Roland was inspired by his father’s business connections and wanted to grow up and become a successful entrepreneur like them.

Roland’s Influences (7:10)
In his youth, Roland displayed entrepreneurial behaviors to support his band and make money as a teenager. He discusses Robert G. Allen’s book “Nothing Down” and how its concepts fascinated him at a young age and inspired him to get his real estate license at age 18. Since then, he has been evolving in his practices and experiencing business success.

The Epic Challenge (11:43)
Dale and Roland chat about Roland’s new virtual course called “The Epic Challenge,” where he teaches participants how to gain entrepreneurial achievement.

Accomplishment Through Acquisition (12:37)
It is Roland’s belief that acquisition can help you accomplish anything. He explains that there are seven different reasons one may have for desiring a change in their business and how these seven primary business needs can be solved through acquisition.

The Acquisition Wheel (16:30)
Roland expands upon his ideas regarding acquisition in business and the seven categories he refers to as the “Acquisition Wheel.” Using the “Making Bank Podcast” as an example, he describes the different categories and subcategories for acquisition, as well as his methods for using this practice to his advantage.

Scaling Your Business (25:28)
One of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face is determining how to scale their businesses. Roland elaborates on this challenge and how his acquisition strategies can apply. Additionally, he explains the importance of mindset for overcoming challenges in business.

Overcoming Fear of New Business Practices (29:55)
Roland chats about the acquisition process and how people are scared of potential risks when taking on new or unfamiliar business practices. He explains how starting something new like acquisition will seem difficult the first time, but the process becomes easier by starting small and gaining experience.

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