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High Performance Habits

with Brendon Burchard



Can you find success by serving others?

On this episode of the Making Bank Podcast, Brendon Burchard chats about the importance of service. A high-performance coach for people like Oprah, Brendon understands the traits and tasks it takes to find great success. That success can be found in serving others, self-evaluation and more.

Brendon breaks down the steps you need to take to trigger an authentic flow. Finding the right balance between challenging yourself and recharging, he walks us through how to be able to activate creativity to perform at your best. Listen to the episode to hear more on the tips and tricks you can utilize to find success in your business and life.

Listen to Josh and Brendon discuss high performance:

Acts of Service (3:11)

Brendon believes that serving others is the key to long term success. When your motivation falters, business fails, or the market crashes, your desire to serve others will keep you going. You don’t need to change the world or help a million people. Rather, serve the people around you and your community and you will find success in life and business.

Serving Beyond Your Strengths (7:15)

A hazard Brendon fell into was only providing services that he excelled in. Many business owners do this. However, Brendon encourages entrepreneurs to look to what their customers need and provide services for those pain points.

Mindset Prompts (9:13)

Brendon is not a morning person. He knows this—but still needs to function when he gets up. He talks about journaling and answering mindset prompts that set him up for the day. By focusing on people and things he’s grateful for, he gets into the right mood to make business decisions.

Be Your Best to Feel the Best (10:58)

Brendon believes the reason why so many people feel unfulfilled is that they’re talented enough to go through the motions. They can wing it, but at the end of the day, they will feel unhappy with their work. Instead, Brendon believes in preparing yourself to be your best to feel your best.

Finding Your Flow (13:34)

In order to grow, you must challenge yourself. Brendon talks about how to find the right balance of recharging yourself and pushing yourself. For every entrepreneur—and creative—it’s important to facilitate an authentic flow.

Avoiding Avoidance (15:17)

Brendon chats about how sometimes we avoid what we really love or need to address. While avoidance can feel good in the moment, it never helps in the long run. He talks about how to engage with your best and how self-evaluation can eventually lead you to your goals.

Self-Evaluation (19:27)

Sometimes self-evaluation can bring dissatisfaction and discouragement. However, if you do it often enough, you can move beyond that discouragement to motivation. Brendon evaluates himself and his performance at the end of each day, each week and each month.

Mission Driven Action (24:24)

Brendon discusses how sometimes the key to change is not changing for yourself, but your loved ones. For him, he changed to provide a better life for his wife. Once he started on that track of motivation and success, he never got off.

Traits of Leaders (26:47)

After coaching high performers like Oprah, Brendon chats about the common traits of the most successful people of our time. Not only do they have ambition and resiliency, they give themselves the permission to be success. In addition to vision, Brendon also touches on the importance of community.

New Projects (32:20)

Before wrapping up, Brendon chats about his new projects, such as hosting the podcast HPX with his wife, mentoring, and more.


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