February 1, 2015 Press Release 4/27/14 - Josh wins Expy @ HardRock in NYC

Most Successful Players In Business Today Say One Thing:
Learn From Those Who’ve Gone Before You.

If you want 10x more Money, Success, Freedom and power than you have now – you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to see how Josh Felber can help you make it happen with VIP Success Coaching.

If you’re a serious owner or entrepreneur you’ll already know that every growth arc has many challenges that need to be overcome.

Product Idea
Design Development
Marketing Sales

With VIP Success Coaching, Josh will see you through these issues with crystal clear solutions, step-by-step actions and mad insider tips on what to avoid like the plague.

With more than 25+ years as a money making entrepreneur, Josh has used his unique coaching method to turn startups from every industry into serious business players.

He’s designed a proven method of business growth that will propel your business goals and transform you into what people will refer to as a ‘total baller.’

VIP Success coaching is not a prepackaged, templated course of cookie cutter business tips. Instead it’s a solution where your most challenging business problems are offered up in strategy sessions to one of the smartest successful social entrepreneurs and wise guys in the world.

You’ll walk away with a goldmine of totally unbiased knowledge:

• Insights from Josh and other global entrepreneurs.
• A set of concrete action steps to launch or boost your 10x arc.
• New tools and capabilities to assist your plan of action.
• A 90 day plan to share it all coherantly with your team.

Nobody goes 10x alone. As the boss you need a team to help you make it happen.
VIP Success Coaching will become a pivotal part of your growth, offering more than just energy, excitement and big words.

You’ll tap into real life experience, execute detailed planning and flourish under Josh’s accountability. This will help you to knock your business goals out of the park and create the sort of life that people are deeply envious of.

So click here to schedule a free 15min Success Coaching session and assess it for yourself. It’s time to find out EXACTLY how good having 10x more or everything will feel.

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  • "Dedication to results is one thing. Raising your standards to be dedicated to delivering results for others is a rare quality. With Josh, you can rely on relentless dedication to getting you the results you deserve. This starts from the top down with strong leadership from Josh Felber. He is 100% dedicated to self improvement - and delivers that dedications on his staff and every person that's he comes in contact with. Business is 80% psychology and knowing that your coach has a rock solid psychology to train you effectively is key and Josh lives this congruently.

    Michael Savage
    Michael SavagePlatinum and Master Elite Coach at Robbins Research International

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